Marjoram, Roman chamomile and cardamom

Marjoram, Roman chamomile and cardamom

Weleda Baby Belly Oil (50ml) (Misc.)

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I am very convinced of this oil and it makes me very happy. The smell is first of all a bit strange, it smells kinda harsh, dark, deep, but that should not bother, because it depends on the effect to. I have this oil bought for my 1-year-old daughter to her from time to time to relax with an abdominal massage and constipated days to help her a little bit and I must say it really works. Rubbed and starting from the bottom right to the top as possible, clockwise massaging and again left sloping down, you're doing this oil very well, because already about a quarter of an hour later, she has a bowel movement and also winds during massaging. Tender almond oil nourishes the skin and makes it easier to massage and essential oils of marjoram, Roman chamomile and cardamom help abdominal cramps to solve, so this oil is also very useful and helpful in three months colic, together with the products "Flatulini", "Sab simplex" and "Carum Carvi children suppository "and some fennel. For my part, a strong buy recommendation and despite the high prices of Weleda worth every penny.

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