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Madonna was a style icon in the 80s and at the time was (apparently) little sheared to the other. She pulled her thing and went from wave pop with punk attitude about dancefloor with hip-hop influence to swing with gangsters Feeling.
Not later than in the 2000s but has noticed that her not being the environment so that no matter and also someone who pretended style this may not necessarily forever. And so they studied at least since "American Life" snap up modern trends, to engage hip producers and to stay on the cutting edge. She does also usually very good (the trend-setting "Hung Up") and sometimes less well (the rather indecisive "Hard Candy") and exactly in tradition is also "MDNA".

There are on their 12th studio album, a lot of songs that would be of Arrangement and structure clearly modern, cool and trendy. And that also works very often, though not always. Quite large firecrackers missing safe - and most stands here "Girl Gone Wild" out, not for nothing that was a single, as "Masterpiece" and the odd piece at the second hearing. In addition, there's also a little too long filler ("Gang Bang") and normal Einheitspop.

Nevertheless - the album is definitely around, modern and well and not contrived. Clearly there is no absolutely independent and completely independent album, which has become so because you had to make it so, but just because you wanted to be in vogue. "Hard Candy" may have been successful, I found it bemühter and am much happier with "MDNA".

Who is not a Madonna-Kenner, should begin with another album, fans can access however.

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