Meditative music an almost forgotten culture

Meditative music an almost forgotten culture

Armenian Spirit (Esprit d'Arménie) (MP3 Download)

Customer Review

As often in the past years, Jordi Savall has adopted in his latest musical work of Oriental cultures, in this case, old traditional ways of Armenia. These western European ears certainly something strange sounding music weaves in her also instrumental, especially worn by shepherds flutes simplicity an almost magic carpet of sound, which you can probably best be described as meditative. At the same time this kind of music but a certain melancholy is also his own, which is probably rooted in the many tragic events of the Armenian history.
In this sense, this CD is musically relatively far from Jordi Savall's recent recordings, a fascinating musical journey into a foreign culture for most Europeans, who may not opens up the very first listen. Nevertheless, hardly anyone is likely to succeed to escape these sounds. For this alone guarantees already Jordi Savall's incomparable musical intuition and the already usual perfection in interpretation and recording of technical quality. A listening experience with a difference!

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