MODEL 300W.  Used for several days.  GOOD STUFF.  To see in time.  Delivered WITH BATTERY CLIPS adapter.

MODEL 300W. Used for several days. GOOD STUFF. To see in time. Delivered WITH BATTERY CLIPS adapter.

Belkin 5C412eb300W Converter DC-AC 12 Volts 300 Watt 1 connector (s) output (Accessory)

Customer Review

BELKIN AC Anywhere 300W: Compact equipment, cigarette lighter plug cord about 80cm, battery discharge indicator (accuracy check), buzzer low battery or malfunction. Spare fuse.
This 300W max power model comes (for the moment) WITH CROCODILE CLIPS (thank you to "jip" for his quick and correct answer). User Manual available on the net.
This DC / AC converter 12 / 230V (= inverter) is not "pure sine": the signal output is therefore not a true sine wave (AC) but an approximation stairs (current "chopped"), which shall be more or less smoothed depending on the quality of the converter (it can only be controlled with an oscilloscope ...). Then pay attention to its use with equipment "sensitive". The manufacturer indicates a possible use for a TV to see ... For laptops, phones, tablets etc., no problem since then passes through a transformer (230 / 19v on a PC), for connection to devices direct type electric razor eg, it works.
We must connect the inverter directly to the battery vehicle if the power of the device that are above industry exceeds 150W as recommended by the manufacturer and / or exceeds the amperage capacity of the fuse of the cigarette lighter either 300W / 12V = 25A. A fuse 10 to melt 20A + may burn wiring.
On Amazon are currently sold two models BELKIN converters, and a 140w 300W, which have the same external appearance. Comments about these products together, hence confusion between models. The additional purchase of an alligator clip adapter for the 300W model is not useful since to date came with the converter.
Attention to the health of the vehicle battery. For a refill of a notebook 65W 20% to 100% (approx. 2 hours), I rebooted twice 10 minutes the engine (turn off as a precaution the converter at startup) because the bar graph indicating the inverter battery charge dropped 50% (my car battery is not in any freshness). The manufacturer indicates that 25% there is automatic shutdown to prevent damage to the battery, depending on the accuracy of the control load is better to keep the margin ...
Conclusion: good material (see the use in time). ATTENTION, shopping sites are ambiguous on the proposed model. Eg Cdiscount now announces the sale of 300W with a picture of the packaging product in which it is written ... 140W.

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March 15
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