Moving, heart-breaking and emotionally

Moving, heart-breaking and emotionally

Me Before You (Paperback)

Customer Review

There will be a movie about this book !!! Soooooooo excited!

So, we have Louisa (Lou, or as Will Clark calls her) on one side. She just a normal girl next door, has a special taste in clothes and just worked at a hairdresser and in a coffeeshop.
On the other side, there is Will, beautiful and gorgeous Will. He led a great life with lots of adventures, until his accident. Now he is in a wheelchair and hates his life.

When Lou loose her job, she goes to a Jobcentre and Becomes Wills carer for 6 months. She doesnt know the reasons yet for all this, but she wants to find out, soon ...

Will is really mean to her and he Seems to be a bad guy, but somehow she is the only one who can reach out to him. Their feelings and thought really convey in the writing and I instantly felt connected to the Both of them.
Their situation isnt easy and Jojo understands to get into Their emotional state.

Louisa really wants him to see the fun in life and plans a lot of activities. The two of them get closer and talk a lot, so really about personal topics.
Lou realises, That She might feel more for him and breaks up with her boyfriend Patrick, who only Seems to be obsessed about his body and running (Will calls him Running Man;))
After several Attempts to try and convince Will to go on a big holiday, he finally says yes. Ten days later They fly to Mauritius, together with Nathan Wills carer. The spend the days at the book and gaze at each other at nights and Then They get really close.
They Both Fight With Their feelings and as a reader you just want them to be happy, but it isnt easy. What does Will even want?
These two characters are really different and theyhave a whole other personality and meaning of life. Will with his accident, his life is not the way it what before, he has to deal with facts and has his fixed opinion.
Lou on the other hand just wants to be happy with the people she loves.

This just makes you cry even more and it is so heartbreaking. Lou is devastated, sad and confused. Can They Find Their Happy Ending?

A must-read !!!! It is so emotional and heartbreaking. Youre laughing one minute and crying the other minute! The ending is sad, but I enjoyed every single minute of the book and I couldnt put it down. The story is different, but soooo brilliant and makes you think about life, even after you put the book down!
Lou and Will are great characters, who are so different, but perfect for eachother.
I really hope there'll be a sequel one day, cause I really want to know what happens to Lou in the future.

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