Much better than expected 8

Much better than expected 8

Logitech Harmony Touch remote control (optional)

Customer Review

I have for years a Harmony 525, with which I was fairly happy - she had some quirks was, in the result, but still better than the existing hotchpotch of remotes. When they should now be replaced, I was quite put off by the negative reviews and reports on the Touch in the forums and was considering a Harmony One (Plus) or to buy 900. Finally then prevailed but avarice, also I liked the smaller, more manageable format the touch. So I ordered it - with the ulterior motive "return is indeed still".
Now it's there - and wow, I'm something of satisfied!

What I can not understand at all, the numerous complaints on the forums about programming via web interface are ( The programming was considerably better and more fluid than with the previously used software 7 for the old FB with me. Everything was clear and fix decorated and worked to 98% out of the box, very different from the old Harmony. But you should make absolutely sure really enter the correct model number of the device. If you enter eg "Xbox 360" While an Xbox is found, which is very well supported, but it is not 100%. In the case of my XBox it was turning on and off, it worked reliably. After I entered my unit with a unique model number, everything was perfect. Similarly, it was the Apple TV: it's just an Apple TV or Apple TV 3, will apparently taken some older model and not the 3rd generation, which I have.

The touch controls with me: Samsung LED TV, Teac AV receiver, Sagem PVR, Xbox 360, PS3 (for that you need an adapter from Logitech), Wii, Apple TV, Grundig VCR, so 8 devices and 9 actions - and flawless , (Well, in the case of the Wii Action course only or associated devices, the Wii itself can be addressed by any Harmony known.)
After the initial setup had only two places tweaking necessary: ​​1. The TV input is set often incorrect when changing the actions Solution: Input Delay Setting (time between switching and following commands) for the TV a little longer. 2. The PS3 was not properly switched off - after the duration of the switch-off has been extended somewhat, that too was eliminated. Since everything runs smoothly, the Help function I no longer need.

The remote itself is well made and is very nice in the hand. Reducing the number of keys I find very pleasant, I lack any keys. If you missed it out in an action which, unused keys can also easily remap as desired. Exactly the same is true for the display: If one measures a command, you can add it there, from all in one action involved devices. Genial! The latter even goes on the FB itself, ie without the PC software. The numeric keys I need so seldom always that I find only logical to outsource via menu on the display.

The motion sensor does not miss it. It's not hard once briefly to touch a button or screen to wake up the touch. My old Harmony monitored constantly, if you take only touched the coffee table - which I personally found annoying and no longer happens.
The arrangement of the keys is a matter of taste - I personally get along well with them.
That an action on the display can be seen at once, is often criticized, I like it better. Scrolling through the actions is sufficiently fast, I feel there is no delay compared to the old Harmony.

Many points that were criticized in the software have since been eliminated apparently. So I can z. B. devices very well rename and also use uppercase letters. Whether you can use numbers in sequence, I have not tried - I do not need (if I would use PINs, I would certainly not be programmed as a command and thus the proposed protection even nullify).

What remains for me to real criticisms?

- No radio support, probably for economic reasons. I can live with it, because my appliances are open, but I can understand if others are missing this functionality.
- That the menu items can not be gestures and numeric menu to move or delete as any other commands on the display, is annoying. Gestures I do not use, for example, I would have liked to be deleted. Thankfully the display is so large that still are other commands visible.
- No replaceable battery - which could have been solved really customer friendly.

But these are for me relatively small minuses, the benefit outweighs by far. My remaining Fenbedienungen are now without batteries in the drawer, I need it no longer (except of course the games controller - theoretically you can use the console while fully with Harmony, but to play it is nothing). Since I have the One and the 900 did not try, I compared the missing - but then I miss nothing to functions. And by "immaturity" may be my opinion no question. Conclusion: I can only recommend that you do not be put off by the negative reviews.

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