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Jews and Judaism: Volume 3, From 1492 to 1789 (Paperback)

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The 3 volumes worth a visit by the former director of the School of Lucien Hirsch ......

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"Marianne Picard (September 1, 1929, Colmar (Haut-Rhin) - 2006, Israel) is a French Jewish historian and educator, whose influence with her husband Bernard Picard will be important to the Jewish community.

Biographical elements:

Marianne Schwab was born in Colmar2 September 1 19293.4. She is the daughter of Robert David Schwab, MD (born 11 October 1900) and Martha Samuel Schwab (born 12 January 1904).

Marianne Schwab twin brothers: John (Shlomo) and Louis (Eliezer) born March 19, 1932 and a younger sister, Danielle, born in Gueret (Creuse), 6 December 1941.

The Schwab family is Zionist, traditional, but not Orthodox. Marianne Schwab is a student at the Lycée Camille See to the beginning of the war.

The second World War:

Vittel, the Schwab family arrives in Limoges June 14 1940.En September 1940 Dr. Schwab joined his family and practice as a military doctor at the hospital Gueret (Creuse) until the beginning of November 1943.

Warned of a raid, the Schwab family will find refuge in a rented farmhouse in an isolated village until the end of the guerre.En 1945, return to Colmar where Dr. Schwab resumes hospital functions.

The same year, Bernard Picard wife Marianne Schwab, born in 1925, also from Colmar.


Marianne Picard became licensed of Letters. She holds graduate studies in history.

School Lucien de Hirsch:

Marianne Picard is director of the School Lucien de Hirsch6 from 1966 to 1992, succeeding to the position her husband Bernard Picard (1950-1965). This left Lucien de Hirsch to head of the Yavneh School.

Israel [edit | edit the code]

In 1992, Bernard and Marianne Picard make aliyah to Israel.

Bernard died in 1998.Marianne Picard Picard died in 2006.


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In November 2011 opens the House of Hope Negba "Marianne and Bernard Picard" within the Reshit school in the neighborhood of Kiryat Mena 'hem of Jerusalem

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