Mutlifunktionswaage that leaves nothing to be desired ...

Mutlifunktionswaage that leaves nothing to be desired ...

150kg / 50g PSB150 package weighing platform scale, robust 40 x 40 cm weighing platform made of aluminum casting / battery operation G & G (Office supplies & stationery)

Customer Review

Tuesday ordered already delivered Thursday: great service from the manufacturer! The scale is set up quickly. The spiral cable of the weighing platform to the display screen is fix thank God from the softer kind, and it can therefore easily to a readout of approximately 1.50 meters with the metal bracket to the wall with dowels. The two-wire lead from the power supply to the display screen is long enough with about 1.50 meters. If one can accept the 15 seconds waiting time until the absolute mode after clicking the on, we must see a Libra the finest technology in operation! You can turn on the backlight of the display manually, or optionally set to automatic, so that after completion of the weighing process, the lighting is switched off again. Now the most important thing: it is brutally precise, I come as often in succession on the scale and it shows every time the same exact results on ... not how it was used by the ancient scales = times 500g more, the next time then weighing 1 again kg less .... NOTHING like in this G & G scale "PSB150" here: again and again the same cradle-result! From such a device it has always dreamed. Overall, the delivered makes a very sophisticated look. Everything is very clean processed, the material used seems of good quality ... especially makes m. E. very big fancy and therefore easy to read display a very good impression. With us this precision balance comes mainly as a bathroom scale used ... by far the best that existed ever since in our household. However, it is of course also ideal for weighing packages or large letters. Especially nowadays, where a great deal is apparently built only on rapid wear out is obtained in contrast with this product here a really high quality device, which also visually very pleasing, therefore occurs. It is easy to handle and can also be cleaned very easily ... ergo = I can absolutely recommend all prospective buyers only to purchase! My choice fell first on the PSB300 as these, however, in contrast to PSB150 measures only in 100g increments, I have finally decided on the PSB150, as these measures in 20g / 50g increments and thus better used also for packages- and letters weighing can be. Above all, it is but my absolute favorite bathroom scale that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The only complaint on my part: it lacks the off option, as it is integrated into almost all scales: scale automatically switches 5-10 seconds after finishing the weighing process itself off / out.

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