My favorite game for the Xbox One

My favorite game for the Xbox One

Zoo Tycoon - [Xbox One] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I have been 6 games for the Xbox One that make all great fun, but Zoo Tycoon has surprised me the most. I once again really feel like a simulation or a game manager. Something there to console not too often. The two Hauptspielmodi are the Campaign Mode (20 scenarios to play through in various countries around the world and with different tasks) and the Challenge Mode where to build his own cool zoo and besides can undertake new challenges again and again. The game looks fantastic, the animals are great animated, the interactions with the animals (on request / optional via Kinect) are great. The enclosures are also designed beautifully. I could walk the whole day or take a buggy through my zoo. Is simply because so beautiful.

Short Zoo limit, which was criticized here: Properly manage is the magic word! Then passts also with the court. It is clear that the zoo limit is a technical limitation and can not be so easily removed. Incidentally fit different animal species in a common enclosure: Builds for example a large savannah and placed elephants, giraffes and antelopes together.

If you like animals, zoos and manager games with Zoo Tycoon gets the absolute top hit of the year presents!

My cat loves it! Rank: 5/5
December 2
Bag 11 Rank: 3/5
January 10
offering 4 Rank: 5/5
February 13
For troubleshooting steps 32 Rank: 5/5
September 15

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