Naughty Dog shows that they can more than Uncharted!

Naughty Dog shows that they can more than Uncharted!

The Last of Us - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Naughty Dog's latest since Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog my first game with which I was able to really deal with, one of my favorite studios and one for me also among the best. And The Last of Us, I feel more than confirmed.

Graphics: Just incredible what Naughty Dog has since yet taken out of the now 7 year old console out. The graphics are certainly the best one that ever existed on the PS3. Since no other game can match. Joel and Ellie look good in every situation, just like its surroundings. The graphic can loosely compete with current next gen titles!

Atmosphere: Fits. In the dark portions metaphorically is always the smell of those infected in the air.
In hospitals or vacant settlements one can indeed move freely, but you are never sure whether an infected or waiting around the next corner of the Fireflies. The voltage runs through the whole game.

Story: Wow! Unbelievable how this story has grabbed me. I've been thinking a long time about the story, and I think even today, several months after completion of game time and again. On On The Last of Us
The two characters Joel and Ellie will fit very well with each other.
Naughty Dog is here the ever-growing connection between the two super scene! Rarely have I so mitgefiebert in a game, especially at the end. I can not accurately describe it ... you have to have just experienced. The cutscenes are marvelous, they sucked each of them formally.
These are also the passages where you have peace and houses searched for inventories, filled with discussions; then Ellie surprised eg a comic and collector.

Gameplay: It is a reminder of Uncharted, but there is nothing so bad. Everything takes place as far as liquid and it is certainly one of the best end-time games in recent years. You have to find health packs to heal and you can not exactly throw ammunition around.
Often you have to in the dark passages, after or before you meet some infected, yet do little things. For example, find a generator and fire up.
The game is also not easy. The difficulty level has been properly selected. Man dies at times and needs in certain missions several attempts, although it still does not go on in frustration.
Often you have a ladder, a plank or something what can make Ellie looking (at swim throughs), to follow up on the way.
For this, the infected do not look exaggerated, but right from matched. It is believed Naughty Dog, what they want to tell here. And this is important in such games.
Ellie incidentally not annoying, it is not noticed by opponents and is almost always useful when it needs to be because it also takes up arms.

I have in the game really to complain about one thing: The clear difference between those infected and human passages. It actually runs the whole game like this: people, people, infected, people, infected, people ... but that spoils the game not really. And well, maybe even that Joel always makes a lot of noise, the infected are so drawn to it.

You do not always all infected / people do the way. One can also sneak past; or by running partially works better.
In addition, you can also see beautiful that not only the infected are enemies. Frequently is abundantly clear: people can partly be even more cruel because they're lying, are selfish and sneaky. The game shows that not only the infected would develop into a problem.

Incidentally affects all the infected quite authentic; perhaps also due to the fact that it is in reality is namely this fungus in insects. Therefore, Naughty Dog also had the inspiration.

And yes: you wonder whether you because it wants to use even the last bullet for saving his best friend or.

The Last of Us is atmospheric, as it would possibly go on with the people when this fungus would suddenly jump to humans and that humans are a threat itself.

You just have to have played! An absolute dream for each Action, Zombie, story, etc. fan!

Top price-performance ratio 3 1 Rank: 5/5
August 24
Fascination, pure! Rank: 5/5
January 21
the price is not justified Rank: 3/5
October 27
CHEAP and delivered on time Rank: 3/5
May 11
very technical 2 Rank: 4/5
April 23

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