New edition of a classic epilator.  Without innovation, it just proven quality.

New edition of a classic epilator. Without innovation, it just proven quality.

Braun Silk-épil 7 Legs, Body & Face + Face Cleaning Brush 7-569 Wet & Dry Promotion Pack (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Since 2010, I have the opportunity on the Vine tester program to test devices as just this. Who wonders why I * need the umpteenth epilator * does not need to read further. It's like this: I have fun doing, like to compare the performance (so far have changed this at all with out new models) --- and the experience of all this has also developed over time. And most importantly: Of course I epiliere regularly ... (and therefore painless.)
This model I ordered with anticipation - above all in the hope BRAUN brings an innovation on the market. Instead, again only a well-known 75-er model, by the way, the 7-series series, the highest quality made by Brown, with new features.
Whether man / woman I can not answer these needs, evaluate the performance only as follows:

IMPORTANT! My review refers to the edition * with face cleaning brush *. Please be noted this. Amazon mixed reviews from models with different features! The reviewer is not responsible for it.
(If you are interested in the edition without the facial cleaning brush, you think just here the first paragraph away ;-)

***** Face cleaning brush:
The facial cleansing brush, the way out of the house Olay will probably appeal to the younger generation - to prevent especially blemishes. It is worth trying it, yes! First of all I have (and I call my skin is not sensitive) strong redness - but it subsequently - and with a gentle cream - a soft smooth skin.
Subjective attitude: I think of the facial scrub-brush therefore lacks, as it will operate with batteries should I use the device only a little, the two batteries are expected for a long time to do their service (2 pieces AA batteries are included.) and then by Rechargeable / (batteries) replaced.
-> Replacement brushes for face scrub brush can be found for example here:
Olay Regenerist "3 Zone" Replacement face brush head, 2 pieces

***** THE epilator:
I have to be careful that I do not leave out for the umpteenth time in epic length about epilation, which represents in principle a routine for me and I do not want to be questioned with my product review ...
The epilator is effective - I am 100% convinced that this is a good, high quality product. However, Brown has this model been felt 5 years on the market, that's why there's nothing new in 2014 probably ...
The hairs are caught and pulled to 0.5 mm without problems.
The epilator process goes quite fast successful if you are not so experienced and it hurts more, Stage 1 is advised. Who's in a hurry, is working with Level 2.
The LED lighting not only helps in artificial lighting but is generally helpful.
The Wet & Dry models you can also in the bath or shower - use - ie underwater. (This is probably one of the main reasons to choose for a Wet & Dry model, otherwise the cable-operated are not wrong, and also have their advantages!)

Papers for the epilator:
Besides this massage attachment, which is highly recommended for very sensitive to pain beginnings, are also narrow essays for underarms, bikini line or face with the delivery. The narrow thing for epilating underarms I find not only good, but urgent, although epilation underarms is something for Toughened. (With the wide epilator attachment is the dramatic danger that the thin skin is pinched, which is then very very painful and bloody circumstances ...)

!!! Important !!! After use clean the skin and best care immediately. Cheap Nivea Soft cream is there just as well as aloe vera lotion. It is important that you clean, as it may arise inflammation.
Even after epilation is necessary to keep handy ball from peeling. For this you can then use the Sonic Brush included here because after epilation it always comes back to ingrown hairs. (That probably probably type-dependent ...)

***** Top-head for shaving / trimming:
This kit includes an additional essay, which can be easily attached and effectively shaved, or trims. One useful option in this model.

The unit is powered by battery, that is, without cable. That's nice, practical and convenient, but means that you should load time. I hang it always to use the grid and the next time you use it the same ready for use. (The battery is not replaceable, the device does not belong in the household waste, if it must be discarded. In theory anyway ... practically exist on the internet instructions on how to replace the battery this epilator model!)
The (non-replaceable) battery is perhaps the biggest criticism of this model and Brown has changed here since years ncihts it - that I make with this new model of 2014 in any event.
In my Bewertugnen I repeat always- and over again: I have long battery-powered devices in use Brown and none of the battery is ever broke me. Of course I do not have so that to set an example, but I can say with a lot of Willem to critical opinion anything bad about the battery.

If one really wants to use until the end of the battery lifetime the epilator, you should also clean the inside it meticulously after use. In particular, where the cogs run into each other and at the interface where it is touches the epilation useful after each use with the small brush (included!) Neatly to brush the Hare and dander that accumulates in all corners out! If verdröseln over the years to a lot of hair around the axes or come down into the drive system, the device can break, and then runs it no longer. I can reassure you, however, on my first epilator that's been the case for over 8 years ... (but that was a cable.)

The epilator attachment can damp / wet clean, so wash; I do that regularly with soap (hand) and now and then he is sprayed with disinfectant spray.
A small cleaning brush is included. Very useful and you should also use it regularly; o)

Supplied with a high-quality bag - where you can keep everything together - is noble and that I find really nice, big enough and stable.

Priced perhaps still so much: My experience says: In peace lies strength. The instrument is sometimes available as a special offer, In addition, many of the 7xxx models differ only just extras, here the comparing offers (Scope) and Pei loht necessarily!

I rate the epilator and this set with 5 stars and let the (current again) high price purposely ignored because it changes over time and thus fundamentally difficult / impossible to evaluate * * is. Please understand.

My criticism is the confusing marketing, Braun operates there. There are the same device in tens of different versions and with different accessories. A decision on which model you buy I can not relieve you ... if questions are - please welcome to contact.
Otherwise, good luck and a knack at Epilator purchase!

A reliable companion Rank: 5/5
December 28
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April 14
Distorts display Rank: 1/5
April 9
Price / quality: Perfect! 19 Rank: 5/5
August 6
Top quality January 15 Rank: 5/5
June 8
Article 17 Defective Rank: 1/5
January 28

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