New (?) Super Mario bros.

New (?) Super Mario bros.

New Super Mario Bros. U (Video Game)

Customer Review

The New Super Mario Bros. series is known for the players with new and already known Jump 'n' Run to entertain ideas. Was the DS offshoot another milestone as he is in the book, the series goes gradually out of juice. Anyway, apart from this fact is NSMBU a dyed in the wool Mario, which will provide both connoisseurs and newcomers Mario hours of fun.

Graphics: At last! Mario has arrived in HD and feel really comfortable. Although the Wii U does not begin to show what she has on the box, the game looks very chic and also like the effects. But if one compares NSMBU with his predecessor on Wii, has done not much besides gestochenerer graphics. Too bad!

Sound: Let's be honest: The soundtrack of NSMB hardly recognizable. One remembers only on already known and beloved Mario soundtracks again. These come sporadically before, but unfortunately all too rare. Chance songs from New Super Mario Bros. Wii were transferred 1: 1. Lacked the time to design new earwigs?

Control: Goods many still put off by the somewhat questionable gamepad Wii U, I can give you the all-clear: The game controls just as precise as ever. After a few shops Levels one has internalized the control and even harder levels are no longer a challenge.

Scope: Unlike NSMBW, here the individual worlds are linked in a large map. And of course nothing here is as it seems, because in the levels to "Secret Exits" romp that break new ground and open level. Some of these are insanely well hidden, so you already felt rummacht two hours on a level until you have the Secret Exit finally found. But frustration? No, more motivation to find the damn output - typically just Mario. Hidden in the levels, there are 3 Golden Star Coins, which are needed to complete the game.
You whiz without Secret Exits and Star Coins to Bowser, you have a play time 7-10 hours, depending on skill. With all the trappings, the game time will be increased to up to about 30 hours, which is already quite decent. At least for a Mario game. It should be noted yet that the difficulty is not quite as tough as in NSMBW.
A challenge mode is also in the process in which it applies, to complete different. Missions. The Wii U save your success as a video and you can compare it with players from around the world.

Multiplayer: Chaotic as ever and so damn funny. There are 2 different multiplayer options:
1. 4 players with Wii Remote: This is the classic multiplayer. Each controls the character of their choice through the levels and help or hinder other players.
2. 4 players Wii Remote, players Gamepad 1: During the 4 players run around as already mentioned, a 5th player can bet per game pad blocks into the air, so as to assist the player. The gamepad player can control any character, he is responsible only for the blocks and for defeating various enemies.

Conclusion: NSMBU does nothing really new, which is on the one hand a pity, but on the other hand does not require one that really. As launch titles, it is more than just awesome and will entertain you for hours.

So have fun while gambling!


1880 915 Super Rank: 5/5
January 13
Good product 1214 Rank: 5/5
June 29
Massive but excellent Rank: 5/5
December 14

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