Nice game idea, tenacious gameplay.

Nice game idea, tenacious gameplay.

Pegasus Spiele 18220G - Valley of the Kings (Toys)

Customer Review

Deck building games are not only popular for the 2009 Game of the Year crowned Dominion. The appeal of this tactical card is in the ever-changing game play and the great depth of play. Much like the many collecting games but also the top dog is now fallen into the complexity of the case with dozens of enhancements and additional rules.

Valley of the Kings would like to combine the strategic options with a simple control system and a limited number of tickets. In play scenario the player is trying to compile as Pharaoh for themselves a possible glorious grave. The one with the most magnificent grave goods must then be remembered as illustrious richest rulers, Speak game winner, in the afterlife. The joke here is that the time taken only from the game, so buried cards contribute to victory, and the more so the more powerful they are. New cards will buy the player again also with the help of his cards from a card pyramid that he can manipulate repeatedly using his cards well to make it easy to its competitors or difficult to make in which he resorted for example cards in the pyramid. All in all, does the presentation with the sometimes complex map features somewhat bureaucratic.

The basic idea is nice, the game entertaining in itself, if it were not for some of the obstacles that the game flow, and ultimately the game murky: Why that artifact has this or that property, can be only through studying the maps description recognize themselves. The whole seems a little arbitrary. A link to the subject matter, there are not really. Memorable is not. Again and again takes a long time when you take the available range of cards from the table and read must. For this he has to take from the pyramid or turn it all better cards. It therefore makes sense the cards pyramid, which occupies a central role in the game, to be placed on a movable base, so that each player can move up. The whole inhibits even after repeated playing the course immensely and does not act as thought not to end.

All in all a nice game idea with weaknesses in the execution and a little tough gameplay.

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