no 2000mAh, but still good

no 2000mAh, but still good

Bundle Star Patona PREMIUM Battery for Nikon EN-EL15 (real 2000mAh) - Intelligent battery system with chip - (Electronics)

Customer Review

The batteries (I have two copies) will be recognized in a D7100 with Firmwarversion S 1.00 / L1.008 and a D750 with firmware version C1.01 / L2.005. Menu "Battery Diagnosis" provides meaningful values ​​for full or almost discharged battery. As a "lifetime" is 0 for new.

I have unloaded both batteries outside the camera. At from 6.2 to 6.4 V is concluded then interrupts the built-in "Info-chip" the flow of current, even in a Tiefentladeschutz.Aufgeladen a Diggibuddy 5401, the charging voltage and charged in capacity is well simultaneously displays.
8,2 V: 1600 mAh
8.3 V 1690 mAh
8,4 V: 1790 mAh
After 1860 mAh or 1868 mAh charging is terminated.

Conclusion: No 2000 mAh as promised, but very close to the original.

Nickel! 15 1 Rank: 5/5
January 5
3 lamps, 1 HS Rank: 1/5
February 14
It troubleshoots 5 Rank: 3/5
May 18

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