No great revelations, but a similar novel volume 1 and always fun

No great revelations, but a similar novel volume 1 and always fun

2. Angelfall: The reign of Angels (Paperback)

Customer Review

The summary appears to apply to Volume 1 but after reading Volume 2 and reflecting well ... yes we can say that Penryn will once again find her sister while her wings Raffe search.

The first volume was slow to start, whatever not unpleasant and was a real vamp. We found a little the same idea here: Volume 2 takes a very (too) time to position and an end more rhythmic and addictive. It is a pity that the author to stick to this scheme, which is a bit frustrating for the reader.

Penryn finally found his mother and his little sister, but their little trio is in poor condition. They meet once again with resistance, but - once again - Penryn will oppose them, their ideas or ways of doing (sometimes in spite of itself).
Paige has changed since the beginning of Volume 1, and if the drive has compassion for the little girl, there are even more for his sister who does not know what to do with it but still love. The events will separate again and Penryn will do everything to find her sister.

The mother of the two girls is a little present and you realize that beyond his madness, she has a kind of scary enough foresight. It includes many things, even if it's hard to express the following. Penryn things take longer to do. This character is always exciting, but it appears and disappears at the discretion of the author's whim. While this avoids the effect of "ball" but it reinforces the side "hair in the soup", hard to position myself.

Finally, there Raffe. Raffe is, say, missing the major part of the book. We have some flashes history to wait the player, but only returned in the last quarter. Then found arrogant and annoying angel but which softens towards Penryn and its projects. Especially since the girl will not be left to help - even without prior agreement between them.

In the end you did not expect many revelations. While some aspects of the policy we are unveiled angelic, especially the enemies of Raffe begins to unveil their plans and their machinations far it goes. However, the origin of this end of the world is still somewhat nebulous, and especially the human responses to disasters are unknown (to keep for a "spin-off"?).

In short, a novel quite similar to the first, not unpleasant, but do not expect great revelations. The relationships forged or unravel, Penryn are quite ephemeral and suddenly the reader knows little every time - to our great frustration!
However, the series is enjoyable and I will read later with pleasure.

Fully meets its purpose 2 Rank: 5/5
October 28
Alive and easy to read Rank: 4/5
March 24
Perfect 1 3843 Rank: 5/5
May 21
Satisfactory 90 Rank: 4/5
June 3
Excellent 259 50 136 2503 Rank: 5/5
September 24

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