Not exactly the yellow of the egg ...

Not exactly the yellow of the egg ...

PlayStation 3 - Wireless SingStar microphones (2 pieces) (Accessories)

Customer Review

... But not just useless!

Yeah, you know what I mean, you like to play at times SingStar microphones and the tangled, have a loose connection and you decide now to remedy the situation.
"But as a wireless method but is just right!" I hear you say. Now that Mögt have their rights, but Sony is doing a a spanner in the works.

I have these microphones specifically designed for the PS4 version of SingStar, which we need to know that these microphones can be used with the PS2 and PS3.

The build quality is really good, in my opinion, they feel very valuable and you have fun singing!
However, the mood is by now a bit murky ...

In the middle of singing is striking that one or the other microphone transmits every now and no singing. Of course, since light up the evil red light on the receiver! This means that the signal is weak or is disturbed by other sources.
"Ok, is not a problem, then we remove all sources of interference times and try again"

So you can really say that you must have either happiness or gets involved in the version with cables to a conclusion.
I for my part can these microphones in this day and age with so many devices recommend Wireless no, because if these so have at it serious problems, then Sony has to really improve in the direction!

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