Not half, but in the middle!

Not half, but in the middle!

In Real Life (Limited Premium Edition) (Audio CD)

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Amazingly, it is already almost irritating that just a musician who for nearly six decades, writes songs and plates accommodates the clearest words takes current affairs, to all the galloping madness which now characterizes our private and social life, harassed and heavily influenced ; even if only gradually and subtly. Younger and partly much younger musicians find in recent years apparently only words about personal feelings - which in itself is not a quality deficit; Music to touch and reflect private feelings yes, but the> only
There are many who think that music and politics so well together as potato salad and chocolate pudding; which is true, if you do it wrong, if you can get songs around flailing forefingers to add sound to vibrating red flags or starts an imperative moral teaching. This can then sound only so contrite and besserwisserisch that no sound is able to turn it into a song, what you like and like to hear voluntarily. It can also make a good start! In the simply articulated fears, uncomfortable questions is, what is reflected and further into the future spinning into the handset animated thinking to himself and left no instructions, conclusions not pretending and especially not entirely to humor, irony and a wink waived. And then it sounds! And it works well! A discipline that Udo Jürgens dominated for decades, which always has a firm place on his albums since the late 1960s, and which is always essential, increasingly giving it the nutrients emergence of new songs, the crazier and overwrought our world is.

Anno 2014 is a lot going on in the world and so it was almost predictable that Udo Jürgens tackling issues and can be included in his new album. And how!
"The Transparent Man" is the first (at least I know of) song, which quite specifically takes up the enormity of espionage activities against our civilization and indignant outrage, fears and protests converts music. Not quite true, because three years ago it was also Udo Jürgens, the problem of the disappearance of privacy took up thematically with "You're seen through". At that time, however, rather humorous, precisely with the artifice of social criticism to serve in the best "An honorable House" tradition with a wink, and then it was also more to the voluntary self-exposure. "The Transparent Man" is lyrically and musically clearly angry and the twinkle in his eye is, at best, still indicated, but in essence the song is deadly serious. "For safety reasons -. Bugging We are fully monitored BND -. NSA, we are all under suspicion ... The glass man, caught in the net, each against the law!" is only an excerpt of the text, to roars the composition of such a high sea storm and the big orchestra musicians all have to play a lot and quickly. An absolute highlight on the whole exceptionally strong album.

Another is "The vast greed", also thematically by itself in recent years more and more escalating urgency. Musically similar powerful and impulsive as "The Transparent Man", Jürgens castigates the uninhibited and completely dehumanized megalomania, which without a safety net with the smallest errors of individual self-styled supermen entire nations and their peoples (remember, these are people!) Fault in severe economic distress and bring can tear even to ruin, what madness! "So many zeros go that even the smartest of all skull buzzing ..." is a wonderfully ambiguous line of the piece. Especially in the stomach but leaves a the quintessential song that Udo Jürgens at closing in only four lines to fading Orchestra longer speaks as sings: "Just a thought makes me sick: Were these earth a bank, I would smooth bet they would long ago have saved. " The seated. That sounds like.

Now Udo Jürgens is not on his new album not only the "angry old man", by far. In "Real Life", it combines everything what he stands for and drives it big orchestrated to perfection for decades. It is the dream of every musician that he may succeed once the absolutely perfect album; without the slightest blemish, brilliant virtuosity to the most discreet tone, to the last syllable. Well, even without pink Fanbrille can Udo Jürgens acknowledge that he (with very few exceptions) with hardly one of his many productions far too deviated lay, but as close as with this album, even he was the perfect album rarely ,

So as the anger, the indignation and offered legitimate concern in rearing songs echoes, can be found on the new album and pieces, with a fabulously poetic force and substance, lyrically and musically. Already the second song, after dynamically polemical prelude to "The man is the problem," Jürgens shows of this very sensitive site. Thoughtful, intense and poetic as rare: "All illusion, all dreams only, but you should just know what I like would for you ..." he sings in a dreamy piano composition. The four interludes, which will find only about 40 seconds between the twelve pieces on the album are of such compelling force gently. Incisively and quiet, he scatters "This Day / Our happiness / The moment / These songs titled" a few thoughts only accompanying himself at the piano.

Even the combine fantasy and philosophy is a perpetual trademarks of Jürgens, here on this album with "Where is the love when she goes?" represented with remarkable thoughts. In the text come to love verse for verse lucky words, sadness and hope in ajar question added, and the answers of course you can dismiss as pathetic nonsense - if one is made of wood and only the factually recognizes factual! One can recognize the fact but also a higher truth that often just yet creates facts, even if they are factually not be explained.

There have been some surveys, according to which Udo Jürgens (or people from his stroke) would welcome the chancellor or president. Now, about some politicians might want to think hard times and wonder why this is so. But on this new album is a song that qualifies him in my opinion for an even higher office: to the Pope! Hey, that would be a fun! All the indignant flawless Always faithful with worn out the tracks facial features. Ironically Udo Jürgens! I think so. It may be that he has "All for Love" not meant as a prayer in song form, but you can hear it exactly so. Casual rousing swinging it counts on verse by verse, which happens so menschelnd what our often amusing biodiversity everything hergibt so. And of course, not everything fits all. But as long as not one to another, so wantonly on the feet increases "let it be all out of love." Whether this request is now directed to a Creator or another, to me at least no more beautiful prayer is known - a thing still more than that swings the way.

If in the Duluxe edition in hardcover book also striking beautifully designed and richly illustrated album "Ten to eleven" silent fades; a song with which Jürgens the emptiness that makes weird intense loneliness after the concert from the singer for us concertgoers view palpable; one has a very special hour away behind him.
"In Real Life" Life is full, in all its facets, with wide arches topics, musically very intense, just in the middle of life. Unfortunately, not in the sense of the middle half, but everything in the middle. Right in the middle in this wonderfully crazy life, with everything that goes to elementary: crying, laughing, sadness, joy, fear, hope, anger, trust - and love!

Oh, and he is 80 in September - one does not notice.

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