Not only band, but of life: Omnia combine old elements and new influences to socio-critical masterpiece

Not only band, but of life: Omnia combine old elements and new influences to socio-critical masterpiece

Earth Warrior (Audio CD)

Customer Review

There are few bands go their way as consistent as the Dutch Pagan Folk Ensemble Omnia, which charmed the ears and hearts of many fans since now almost two decades. Few other bands represents their opinion so vehemently, no matter who this might oppose. And hardly a band doing a real life setting, a not to be described with words of life, developed - all this and much more you can admire the enchanting Jenny Evans van der Harten ascribe the hard and the wonderful band to Steve Sic Evans-van! Over the many years Omnia surprised again and again with new influences in their music, but their origin and content message they remained always faithful. Of course, the content that gives this particular band, actually very simple, because clearly: It's quite simply a matter of making the world a better place to live in the man and nature in harmony and unison. Therefore, to protect the environment, to love and to honor what they have given the vital role that animals and plants for people and their lives, really should go without saying. It's about a different relationship to our planet to another feeling towards life and to criticism of the fact that the majority of this society has this usually easy to understand values ​​completely forgotten. After Omnia In 2011 the double-EP "Musick & poetree" and a year later the live CD "Live om Earth" published, it does not make now on, to dispense with the new album "Earth Warrior" a statement which clearly could be. Poisoned humanity and destroys Mother Nature in every second of its existence, and "Earth Warrior" is the musical counter-movement in view of the dangerous development that takes the behavior of society as a whole.

"Earth Warrior" is short and sweet as the most diverse album in the band's history from Omnia to describe. So many styles of music never previously used the combo well - whether danceable Pagan folk numbers, how could often be found just at the beginning of the discography, a reggae trip, which can be quite called the hit of the band's history or Country influences, that bring a whole lot of momentum in the affected songs - there are the full-service for all fans!
As the elegiac intro "Weltschmerz", which is carried by sad piano music acts. Once again proving their stunning skills Jenny at the piano, even if they are beyond any doubt. In keeping with the theme of the album spread the intro a seemingly hopeless atmosphere - the suffering, the Omnia feel in the face of ruthless destruction of nature, the listener can feel the hard way. A deeply sad, but all the more beautiful entry into the new shekel
With "Earth Warrior" follows not only the title track, but as I said one of the most wonderful songs throughout the band's history. Funky foray into hitherto trodden reggae climes can confidently as catchy, but of course also be described as unusual, if you put the previous Omnia ratios based. Nevertheless, it is in the song, the numerous live shows from last year is already known and has been well received there, to an absolutely successful experiment, as the reggae style just fit very well with the band and their music. How the interaction of the great voices of Steve and Jenny every second, although the vocal support of Maria Franz (Euzen) course is a big plus for the song. Thematically is "Earth Warrior" the central song of the album, as it describes the spirit of the band, at the same time can also be understood as a stimulus for the listener but which can be "Earth Warrior" as to protect nature. Although the song is the title track, it is not representative of the complete works, precisely because the new album made by Omnia is so incredibly diverse. This is the composition of individual songs but by no means back in a bad light, because the piece blew me away already live!

"Babu Bawu" against it re-enters the traditional paths of the band and is initiated by a didgeridoo, which as always makes the fantastic Daphyd Crow Sens. A whispering, something resigned sounding voice joins added after a few moments before then developed an incredibly lively, again danceable piece in Balkan style. As so often gives the polyphonic singing, which is presented here as well, among others, Jenny, the whole a hypnotic note and so also this song will be ideal to put the audience at the concerts formally in a trance.
The subsequent song, "Kokopelli" is, of live performances already well known, and it differs in its structure not too much of "Babu Bawu". "Kokopelli" begins with the Omnia for so typical, high-pitched flute sounds, until he abruptly dynamic and fast-paced, and also the drums assumes an important role. Undisputed is here a potential fan favorite - mainly due to the polyphonic singing of Jenny and Steve, the branding itself with all its intensity immediately in the brain of the listener. The nature of being "Kokopelli" an ode to the horned god of the Native Americans, which protected the beasts of nature and represents fertility. A beautiful monument can hardly build him!
"Crazy Man" against strikes in an entirely different score, it is a very unconventional but for Omnia a song - pure Hard Rock in acoustic form! Supported by the guitar playing of former Omnia-member Joe Hennon reached Steve's voice unprecedented heights that he has added to his vocal repertoire lately. As so often back here Omnia their ideas to the forefront, the text is pagan through and through - and of course it therefore be described as crazy as it says it the song title. But clearly, they are positively crazy! :)
The sixth piece on "Earth Warrior" bears the beautiful name "Triceltika". Gentle Harfenklänge characterize the beginning of the play, shortly after making the very melodic vocals of Jenny and Steve a real highlight of this traditional Breton composition. A typical Omnia song of the old school, and as one can infer from the title, the Celtic influences are unmistakable.

With "Epona" then follows one of my two absolute favorites on this CD. Also this instrumental is introduced by a didgeridoo, which raises a very earthy and original atmosphere. Especially the flute should be praised here but because it plays a very fast and captivating melody that one will be too fast out of my head. It presents itself as a listener immediately before, how to ride a horse on endless pastures, which fits about having this song: There is a song in honor of the goddess Epona, the Celtic goddess of horses. A madness song!
In the form of "Black House" Omnia offer once a very short song is because the song has a length of less than three minutes. More, it also does not need, because by Steve's very smoky voice maintains the piece too. And as so often fits this surprisingly smoky voice and the content of the song, because here addictions are sung. The titular "Black House" is a pub, so you can understand alcoholism and his eternal temptation well as the theme of this short song. Nevertheless, any other addiction be understood as subject to the alcohol alone can not limit here. The protagonist in any case can not escape from his addiction and over and over again succumbs to the lure. Musically, the song is very melodic and memorable, although quite right voice at the beginning is of course a bit strange.
"Mutant Monkey" - a likewise very short song. Numerous monkey noises that are generated here by the band members, the topic should reflect the music, and so the song makes no secret of Omnias aversion to large sections of society. As a "Mutant Monkeys" are those referred to here, the exploit nature and regard them as their property, and the lyrics are reproduced in part from the arrogant view of these people. In any case, "Mutant Monkey" refreshingly innovative and thus quite a remarkable part of the overall work. The laughter at the end of the song fits but then also perfect for impression of the listener, which is smile in most cases, probably about this unusual song.
Another instrumental piece proffer us Omnia with "Cernunnos" - a song in honor of the horned god of Celtic mythology. The fans that accompany the band has long been expected, satisfied, that this again is a typical Omnia song the traditional variety. Clearly, the majority of the song is as dominated by hypnotic flute and percussion. Live is "Cernunnos" work in all cases, as well as the CD player!
With the likewise known of live concerts "Noodle the Poodle" no longer surprise Omnia now - would be the song but do not know, the surprise would be greater! Stylistically, the song has quite a lot of country elements, and this is the suggestion of the song to be a catchy tune, not at all in the way. Lyrically is "Noodle the Poodle" of course rather slapstick, one can understand the cute lyrics but as an attack on any dogma.

Shortly before the end comes "Call me Satan" into play, the second of my two favorites. The lyrics here are written from the perspective of the great Pan. What does the Horned God? What is his message? All of this will be answered here. Although there are Pan since the beginning of time, has his story only now begun, as it describes his reside in the earth. This is in view of the immense threats to our natural but also more than understandable since, particularly in present and future nature needs a guardian. A sprawling instrumental part, which can again score with flute melodies, decides this grandiose piece of music history.
Before the outro sounds, Omnia draw with "Freebird Fly" again all the stops. "Freebird Fly" is how the whole album a song that is aimed directly at the audience and appeals. A small glimmer of hope light up the sky and the listener realizes that he can still do something about all the horror that is to be found on this planet. Even with a children's choir, which acts here by no means out of place, the song comes up, and it is clear from all these elements an epic song that is a fitting conclusion for a in his message as such an important album.
"Lament for a Blackbird" is the actual conclusion, however, these are more like an outro to a musical finale. Birdsong and a weeping harp reminiscent of a black bird, about which Jenny Omnia once looked after according to an interview, and maybe they also recall a dying world that need to save it before it is too late ...

What one should after such a painful, plaintive artworks say to conclude this review? Omnia have here even surpassed by having created a work that is not only familiar to old recipes, but dare new steps. Sometimes we invent to "Earth Warrior" new, even if you do not like like any fan. It proves especially courage, and in my opinion this is the right way, because eternal copying own art holds no surprises for the listener ready. In this respect, new listeners circles can with the new songs definitely be opened because some of the genres used are for Omnia completely new territory. In spite of all the old fans will not be disappointed, because the band delivers both traditional and instrumental pieces, as they are loved by almost all lovers of music Omnias.

Omnia make with a forcefulness attention to the problems in the world that is unparalleled. The aim is to eliminate the shortcomings as soon as possible, even if the situation seems hopeless. More and more people follow the mass media, rather than to think for themselves and act. Who can follow Omnia? It would be the right decision.

Very nice and warm Rank: 5/5
January 23
crayola Rank: 4/5
August 18
Excellent 259 50 136 1085 Rank: 5/5
March 9

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