Grand Theft Auto V - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

I went there with the installation unfortunately otherwise. The 7 DVDs were installed within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once you have logged in then Rockstar Social Club, had to be 5GB downloaded again. Took me original 32 hours. Again and again, the connection is terminated and the maximum speed that I have achieved, were approximately 80KB / s. In most cases, however, were between 12 and 20kb / s. Here you really have to say: Rockstar because you have built genuine Schei * e! Such a thing can not be made in such a game easily. They earned enough to put up reasonable Server and a reasonable network here so that there is enough power. Here I am very disappointed for sure!

To cover: As you are used to it in GTA, everything is very well made. And as always, the beautiful map is! I just find it still amazing that this can hang on the wall easily and it is not always dependent on the card in the game menu. The shell is slightly thicker, as of course it must find a place 7 DVDs.

After installation I started the game and once made the graphics settings. My information are now to assess on Full HD! The game's also designed for 4K, but I could not constitute a monitor of this. Therefore, I do everything in Full HD. I put everything went to maximum. It shows me the menu then to a consumption of the GB graphics memory of Approx 3GB. Since I have a GTX970 with 4GB, I can ausreizen everything here. CPU I have an AMD FX-8320 octo-core with 3.2GHz per core. Here, the game runs smoothly on maximum settings absolutely jerk-free! Here I am very satisfied. Here Rockstar Games has done a good job. When I think back to GTA 4, which at the beginning with an AMD processor and an ATI graphics card once nothing went and you had to wait for the correct patch. Here that is very good solved!

The graphics in the game is simply bombastic! I started the game and had once been dropped because it was just awesome! :-) It can play great, the control is used to super balanced like GTA.

For the game itself you need I do not say much, because GTA has always been groundbreaking and you knew what you get!

I think the game experience is more severe to be assessed as the start-up problems with the download. Therefore, the game gets 4 stars from me! :-)

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October 6
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November 27
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June 9
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February 26
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June 26

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