One of the best albums Ramones-!

One of the best albums Ramones-!

Too Tough to Die (Audio CD)

Customer Review

With the present album 80s years have long since become reality. These go to the Ramones over their mark, as you can hear here.
Also this album is ready again with some special firecrackers on, especially "Daytime Dilemma", "Howling at the Moon", and even "Chasing The Night" and "Danger Zone" and "No Go". Also "Wart Hog", "Too Tough To Die" and "Humankind" are still quite noteworthy.
And although the rest of the songs a not-so-tears from the stool here, then you can still hear: "Smash You," "Out of here", "I'm not an answer", "Mama's Boy", " I'm not afraid of life, "and the very fast and instrumental" Durango 95 "; yes, even the exaggerated corrosive sung "Endless Vacation" has its charm when you hear it more often!
"Planet Earth" (the early "Stooges" ajar) is probably. the least good song (I deliberately avoid the word "poor" in this special album!).
Who should not have noticed the great affinity of the Ramones to the Rolling Stones to date, is now finally with the cover version "Street Fighting Man" disabused.
In other words, there are no really bad song! That is the Ramones first rock band enjoyment!

Tip: If you nciht the band ncoh knows so well, of the songs heard at least 3 times in a row to (possibly also with some songs more often.)! You have to first with the song "warm", get used to it. But then it is gradually addicted to this music!

CONCLUSION: One of the best albums, with some very excellent songs; vlllt. only from the album "Rocket to Russia" exceeded!

I love this band!

Rock and Roll will never die!

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