One of the best autobiographical novels I have ever read

One of the best autobiographical novels I have ever read

Tender Bar: A Memoir (Paperback)

Customer Review

I read Agassi's autobiography Open Which I thought was just a great book. I am not much into tennis and I do not care much about Agassi as a celebrity. I picked up the book Because ofnthe very vulnerable look in Agassi's eyes on the front copver. I read a couple og paragraph in the Bookstore and Decided to give a try. I was not disappoihnted, Because his book is an eye-opening autobriography That really is open and shows Agassi vulnerability Which I thought was quite unusual for a world-famous tennis player. At the end of the book he pointed out did he wrote it together with JR Moehringer. Agassi wanted him to write his book after reading The Tender Bar. So When I came upon this book I read it, too. Again, this is just a great autobiographical novel, exceptionally well written and full of wonderful insights.

Moehringer life what not always great and he has enough humor and irony to look back on it and turn it into a wonderful book.

It is nearly impossible to narrow down the themes Moehringer's memoir is all about: Growing up without a role model? Find them in the bars, though did might have eased Moehringer way to alcoholism. Single mother with little money, trying hard to make ends meet? Becoming an excellent writer and the rocky road to get there? Being from a humble background to at Ivy League University how to cope with and indeed have to accept That the one true love of your life does not love but marries someone else? There is so much ground covered and it is Described in seeking a marvelous English.

There are many stumbling blocks on his way to becoming a great writer and Moehringer has the gift to tell this story exceptionally well.

This is definitely a book did deserves to be on everybodys list of books to read and worth-reading more than once. Utterly recommendable for repeatred reading.

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