one of the best casual games, for high volume players more depth than it may first seem

one of the best casual games, for high volume players more depth than it may first seem

Queen Games 6083 - Kingdom Builder, Game of the Year 2012 (Toys)

Customer Review

after (draw a card, three houses, ahem I feature my settlements) in high volume players corners Häme on the simple mechanism came, I first made a detour around this game. When I tried it I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is and how much tactical depth behind it. If you would then often plays, you realize that the tactical possibilities to very complex games remains relatively limited. I'm still a fan of this game:
There are many variables. The fixtures are always reassembled, there is in every game new combinations of Victory Point conditions and new combinations of platelets, which help more victory points to erreichen.Für more variety are the enhancements great.
This game is perfectly suitable to be played as an aperitif or nightcap in a game evening. The playing time is really very short.
The control program is minimal for such a tactical game. Also a lot of players with great games want to play something, you do not have in the newly incorporated even after a long break.
It's absolutely awesome to bring casual players to the table without playing to feel something banal. Even my husband, who is an absolute Games muffle, I got to play. He was allowed to pick and chose without any enthusiasm for the game with the shortest rule. Then he wanted to play a game and yet, what the food was cold :)


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February 4
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January 21
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June 15
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November 4
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April 27

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