Only total unterschätzt- now unverzichtbar- Genial for DSLR film or photograph in bright sunlight

Only total unterschätzt- now unverzichtbar- Genial for DSLR film or photograph in bright sunlight

GGS Swivi Viewfinder LCD screen magnifier 3.0x for DSLR displays with 7,62cm (3.0 ") (accessory)

Customer Review

I've long wondered whether I should buy the Viewfinder for this high price, especially since a number of cheaper alternatives from 15 Euro or with lenses from 50,00 Euro are to have. Also I use the already Camranger with "huge" Ipad display (compared to the 3 "Schirmchen my DSLR's). In short, for the hobby you already tried something and pulls out the wallet before the woman discovered new shoes.
I have not looked back. The quality of the viewfinders is compared to some cheaper versions that I was allowed to examine briefly with friends, much better. The adjustment possibilities allow many DSLR's benefiting from the Swivi.
My biggest concerns were the use of my 700D with battery grip (BG), which thanks to STM lens should be the perfect candidate for filming from the hand. Nowhere information could be found whether this will work ... It works, and how it works :-) The Swivi adjusts my 550D with and without battery grip, as on my 700D with perfect and without BG and the 5D II without BG, with BG not as missing a few mm and I'll probably have to tinker a little time. But the monster I use more for scenic shots with the Camranger.

To apply:
The Swivi can be perfectly adapted to any of my DSLR's by the many adjustment options. This is within a minute incl. Coffee ribs. If the Swivi mounted one up if needed a prescription and enjoys his giant viewfinder with a clear sharp image. At Canon, we have with "Magic Lantern" an enormous functional value as, Focuspeaking in different colors and thicknesses, a magnifying glass in addition the display can represent the sharpness different, a lot of additional information such as microphone level, space accounting, rest time or rest place at the movies, etc. etc.
Canon DSLR's with Magic Lantern and the Swivi are filming a super combo for it or for photos of Live View in bright sunlight.

After my first short tests I'm just happy and looking forward to the next project.
This brief Rezi is my first contact and the first impression of the Swivi-Viewfinder.
After intense use I'll probably follow up on an update.

For now I would recommend this product highly enough. It helps me tremendously to solve the little problems so far during the shoot out of his hand with the DSLR.
By 3 times Edition of the camera to the eye and both hands in conjunction with the Image Stabilizer to the lens you get great verwacklungsarme out to shake filming. The giant viewfinder and the support of Focuspeaking with ML has the focus virtually never under control and it's great fun at an affordable price a super film camera with huge chip finally to operate camcorder Like. I think now the combination with the Swivi even better than my camcorder with their mini-chips and thus known little problems.
So now only times conclusion with the adulation and I play a bit with the new men's toys around.
Have fun browsing on have a nice day

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