Optics and pure weighing fine, body analysis as well, the app unripe

Optics and pure weighing fine, body analysis as well, the app unripe

Beurer BF 700 diagnostic scale (Personal Care)

Customer Review

The delivery is the balance, together with some paperwork and a multilingual manual (DIN A5, 10 pages German). In the manual start-up and function is explained clearly and there are a few additional information about the individual measured values ​​which can be displayed. The also necessary 3 AAA batteries, will be also.
The balance has an area of ​​30 * 30cm and 2.5cm high. The four rubber feet provide a safe and non-slip stand. The black shining surface it looks elegant, but also has the disadvantage that you can see strikes every crumb dust and footprints. The display is about 5.5 * 8cm large and easy to read, even in high ambient light conditions.

In principle, however, the scales can be used without a smartphone, it displays only the weight, like any other 08/15-scale well. In order to use the analysis functions, the app must be used mandatory.
For me an iPhone 5S was used. The installation of the App Store was done quickly and also the coupling to the scale went smoothly. All other acts and but is immature.
First one wants with all his might impress an online account, the app. The reason is clear: The manufacturer wants the data of the user to use this and further process (advertising, etc.). Since I do not want this but I have taken the opportunity to remain purely as a local user on the iPhone (which will then, if necessary, sent to data in the background here, I can not examine unfortunately).
After entering the necessary data (name / initials, size, gender, activity, etc.) is carried out the first weighing and associated with the user. From now on, the scale detects an once one imagines it and assigns the measurements to the user, even if only the weight is measured (with socks on the scale). Contrary to what other Rezensionisten, you can also perform several weighings in a day, which are all stored.
So you do not have at hand the phone must always, the measurements are also stored in the balance, which can then be transferred at a later date on the app (up to 30 measurements per stored user fit in the cache).

The app itself I find not very user-friendly. The overview is not good and many functions have to look for it, because illogical obstructed or hidden. To transfer the stored measurements, eg you have in the device settings of the scale. As a user, I'm looking for something in the user profile.
In the soundtrack, one, the data of the last measurement in numerical form appears, as you get all the data in a graphical form processed. In the form of a table but only the weight and the BMI are then read, the rest of the information is no longer. If you want eg the body fat than number 3 days ago: None. One can only roughly estimate it in the graph.
Quite stupid: Pro smartphone and App only a local user is possible, I can not create more than one profile in the app. If you want to create another user account must be an online apparently yet set up (which I do not want) to install or to another smartphone, the app again.

As for the supplied measured values, I am somewhat at odds.
Compared to 3 different scales, giving way to the measured weight by approximately 200-300g downwards, so it always shows less than the other scales. When measured body fat, it is the other way around. Here I have the comparison with 2 other scales and a hand-held device (only for body fat). As always appear 4-6% more.
What others wrote and I can also confirm: If one weighs several times in direct succession, you also get every time different values ​​- including the weight..

Optical me the scales like. The weighing is quick and the display can be read well. Sense does this balance but only by identifying the remaining data and here I am dissatisfied.
The values ​​vary too much and are too far from my comparison devices removed. The app is not user friendly and confusing.
Would it be a mere scale, they would get 4 stars, so I can only 2 awarded.

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