outdated and overwhelmed by moderenen sensors, no modern AF

outdated and overwhelmed by moderenen sensors, no modern AF

Canon EF-S 18-200mm 1: 3.5-5.6 IS Lens (72mm filter thread, image stabilized) (Accessories)

Customer Review

To date, Canon will no affordable super zoom to offer, because the 5.6 / 28-300 mm L IS is difficult and expensive in 2500.
And these 5.6 / 18-200 mm design for APS-C sensors show more shadows than light:

- Not high resolution at the image edge
- Hardly satisfactory at the telephoto end
- Weak wide angle - 18 mm corresponds to only 29 mm focal length in the VF
- CA color error
- Vignette very clearly in RAW
- High price
- No modern IS
- No silent USM AF and no modern STM-AF


The Tamron Super Zoom constructions I find all in itself coherent, whether 18-270 mm or 16-300 mm now - for me there was only because the slow, noisy AF of the Canon zooms no reason to buy.
It is also too expensive, not really good and truly no longer cope with the IS today 20-24 MP.

This zoom has absolutely earned a much-improved update with STM-AF.
Who is satisfied has probably never been photographed with the Tamron 16-300 mm or even Canon 15-85 mm and 55-250 mm - because this combination brings far better picture quality.

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