Perfect fit, good sound

Perfect fit, good sound

Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Wireless Headphones (Electronics)

Customer Review

I owned a unit of the competition, the same price range and the same claim, whose name I do not want to mention here now so as not to use a Rezi to advertise the other. But this was my comparison device.

The headset comes packaged foolproof. The box was lined with foam and cover and box sat to one another so precisely that it took five minutes, sweaty work, to get to the pot of gold. I'm sure this package is about a shipment to overseas.
Included is, unlike the comparison device a real transport bag and a small bag for transport without pouch. This transport bag is sewed very clean and here you can also store the airplane adapter, the high-quality audio cable (angled tail) and the high-quality USB cable. However, I must honestly say, the latter I have not even unpacked, as I have already many, many USB cable.
I think that's fair, because the comparison device you have to still specially so buy a case and at this price should something be present. That was before a significant advantage.
I charged the device with an ordinary cable to the socket with a corresponding USB charger. The latter is not included and for that I am very grateful to the company. Nothing annoys me more than having to stow the tenth charger. People who can buy a pair of headphones in this price range, already have a USB charger, since one need an iPod or mobile phone to use it. The charging time, I have not measured, charging for two hours, I'm in the evening went to the theater and have let invite it until I came back, but I guess 2-3 hours. Somewhat confusingly, that a white Lich lit while it loads and runs out when it will not charge. I recommend the "green" change in "red" for charging and charged, because it is with most other devices, but that is of course trivial.
Here we come to the first large thickness compared to the other device. I can hear just simply like to, lying on his back, in bed music or guided meditations. And if you lie on your back, it is important that the headphones will not slip backwards, because then you have to put him on the forehead. And that's what you do not have here. With a handle can adjust the seat so that the bracket remains on the head and not slip. That is, it lies on the back and the strap does not have on his forehead. This might also be related to this machine uses the Ears are not just covers but just the ear is covered. Of course, this also eliminates the question of whether the listener "fits". The seat on the ear is solid at the correct setting.
Ambient noise
It is not entirely cut off, for which I am very grateful, but largely. When using this device on the road, you have to take good care not to over hear approaching cars. I could hear noises coming from the apartment, but very, very quiet and very far away. The feeling of being able to really focus on the music or meditation remains.
The company has decided not to torment me with the next half-baked app. Thanks! No app, no complicated installation, no other frills. When comparing unit was the app of great weakness, I once installed and never used again. So: No App. Many Thanks! (Or did I overlook them) ??
The pairing was smooth, press three seconds a button, an announcement makes known whether connected or not. When connected, you can see on the screen of the player (in my case, I confess, a Ipod of 4! Generation) if the unit's battery is charged and how much battery is left. Very nice.
I leave it in a room and the unit then went to the other, about 5 meters away, through walls, and since then the listener got problems. That seems to me at all to be a little weak point of this device that Bluetooth to Wi-Fi may not be sealed off sufficiently. Because the listener got even problems when the device was next to my bed. The competition between wireless and Bluetooth is known, my meditation was more than once interrupted by a crackling. And I think this is because when too much interferes with the wireless device.
Easily palpable attached to the lower right headphone. The comparison device advertises that for design reasons, the controls are operated by wiping with the hand and that was annoying sometimes, if you look at the music has accidentally switched off. There normal buttons and two microphones in each earpiece of.
Well. I have a quarter of an hour tested both devices alternately. There is not much but a little. The surround sound when comparing device is better. Point. I bled a little heart when I so Hinsch rub it here, but unfortunately it is so. Nevertheless, as it were, who comes from below: The sound is still very, very good. Music is fantastic over, mature sound, like a lot. Probably I would, if I were not so spoiled, broken here in a hymn of praise.
This device is easy to use, has a very good fit with the leather strap is easy to use, pairing is easy, and the sound is good. For sports and all situations in which you want to move around a lot, I would definitely recommend this product, because even if the comparison unit fits well and take on the bike is, this is for much more suitable here. If I want to somehow hear out there, I'm going to take this device or if I walk around in the apartment. But if I have the time and leisure to sit upright and to concentrate on music, then the other device.

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