Perfect fit, good workmanship, vulnerability Sound

Perfect fit, good workmanship, vulnerability Sound

Monster iSport Intensity Ear Sport Headphones with ControlTalk Apple (sweat resistant & washable) Green (Electronics)

Customer Review

Previously, I had real in-ears tasted, not the Victory, but the Image A5i, but with whom I had made such a bad experience (see review here) that I did not once try in-ears was certainly not at the price that cost the Victory. 100 euro is the pain threshold for sport headphones for me. Where my focus here is less on sound quality, but more on comfort and functionality.

These requirements meet the Intensity completely. The comfort of these "false" in-ears (I do not know why they are sold as in-ears, because they are clearly not in this design) is brilliant! Come 3 different sized rubber fits, with the biggest best conform with me to my ear. And hold! While I wear it "only" while running and not in other sports, but at least for keeping absolutely wobble-free, pain or apply pressure and just feel great.

The cable is flat, has a high quality finish, the connector is angled, which is quite positive. Strange is that the controller is located as high. Almost at neck level, it is impossible to watch it. Although you can also feel the 3 controls blind and you will be playing sports usually also do it would also not spoken against it, placing the controller 10 cm deep.
Furthermore, a small clip is included, which allows you to fix the cable to the clothes, so it does not swing around so. However, this clip is not optimally solved, because the cable slips relatively easily out of the holder. Alternatively, (must) to pinch the cord directly to the garment.

The sound quality is with me, as already mentioned above, not in the first place, but everyone should be natural already given. The meet the Intensity. Much more but also not, to be honest. It simply lacks high, middle might be more differentiated and clear, the bass is okay, but could be a bit more powerful. I would not go so far as to call the sound tinny, which it certainly is not, but in total it seems but a little dull.

Objectively speaking, I would probably give the Intensity 3-4 star, subjectively I like them but good enough to give them a clear conscience full 4 stars.

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