Perfect symbiosis of hip hop, rap, country and rock

Perfect symbiosis of hip hop, rap, country and rock

Love Story [Explicit] (MP3 Download)

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Those who know Yelawolf is certainly familiar with his previous works. Starting with the mixtapes as "Stereo" or "Arena Rap EP" and of course "Trunk Muzik" and "Trunk Muzik Retunrs" ​​on his last studio album "Radioactive" Yelawolf now seems to have found his sound. After he was never really satisfied with "Radioactive" in his own words and at peace, what is this also noted, although it certainly was not a bad plant, one feels this time right after the first pass, that "Love Story" exactly album, which Yelawolf always wanted to create.
It sounds and feels like all of a piece and you can feel at every track that have flowed a lot of work and feeling in this disc.
It works just great authenticity with his mix of hip hop, rap, country and rock, especially if you Yelawolfs descent and origin knows from the South and his former musical path. It can thereby be any genre really assign and represents something that is nowadays so there is nowhere else in the Hip Hop world and doing this more than good.
I am glad that Shady Records bothering him this time noticeably free hand an album that sounds completely according to his ideas.
The album has in my opinion no real bad track, but a consistently (very) high level.
Personal highlights: "Till It's Gone", "Devil in my veins", "Best Friend", "Empty Bottles" Heartbreak "," Johnny Cash "," Have a great flight "and" American You ".

"Love Story" by Yelawolf is his money more than worth it and could "Classic" will necessarily listen to it a true!

A good RPG Rank: 4/5
July 4
NIC Low Profile Rank: 5/5
May 16
Not good 154 Rank: 1/5
February 26
We will s'gêner! Rank: 3/5
June 24

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