PES 2013 follows on from ancient times.  First impression the game

PES 2013 follows on from ancient times. First impression the game

PES 2013 - Pro Evolution Soccer (computer game)

Customer Review

This year, in September everything revolves around the virtual football.
A preliminary demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, there were already 27 July, and I believe on September 22 then came out the final demo.
The Fifa Demo unfortunately, there was only about a week before release.
I have the PES 2013, and played the FIFA 13 demo intensively (alone and in pairs) and the finished PES 2013 game get (thankfully) a little earlier.
And I must say that to me PES 2013 as well have 13 very well-liked Fifa.
But since I do not (yet) full version of Fifa 13 possessions, I go a only on Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.
But you can now say that there are two really good football matches are this year and the two make their way fun already!
Now I want to describe to you my first impressions on Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and be a little help for those who are interested in the game.
Who does not want to read everything that can simply scroll down to the pros and cons points and / or the conclusion.

Before the game:

The game is a real guide with all 30 pages with (a rarity nowadays), in the game and the key functions incl. Move list are explained.
Unfortunately, Konami has jumped this year on the Online Pass train and then there is also this stake at.
Those who want to play online, the need to enable these, which will reduce the resale value of something.
Like on PES 2012 can get a player ID Creating enabling you to store game settings such as the controller configuration, favored tactics, support pass, shot aids, etc., this is a meaningful thing.
The supported assistance for passports, shots, tackles the virtual players, etc. can. be adjusted in several steps or switched off completely. In addition, of course, be adapted to your needs and the game speed.
The tactical settings something was changed, but it has of course plenty of opportunities again its own scheduled introduce and practice settings noticeably tactical shortcut keys for example, a fast Pressing etc. are also available.
from the game.
Anyone can through the individual settings to adjust his game and play so he plays it best, this is a great luxury that works wonderfully.
The menu is very nice and good but you find yourself rightly.
The choice of music is this year a little better and there are some well-known songs that you can connect with football with a little good will.
There also are again many different camera angles are available, the catch of the game differently (my favorite is the Medium).
The game is playable in 3D, this is an extra camera angle, the experience is quite nice, but you need some acclimatization period.
The key assignment can be taken over by the various presets, or be assigned to suit your mood.

Graphics / animations:

The graphic was naturally somewhat bolstered and looks very good.
Especially in the mid Middle camera angle you see the full splendor of the graphic.
However, you realize that it's time for a new generation of consoles to exploit the full potential ...
This year will see the virtual players their stars very similar, only the exception proves the rule and only winy players look a little bland.
The players also have an energetic expression that fits well with the situations and give something dramatic.
Of course, Konami has also new animations in shots, passes, assumptions, fouls, etc tackles donated that now look even more sophisticated and offer plenty of variety.
Especially with the ball as well as assumptions on the fast ball processing you can feel the fresh air, which contributes immensely to the game.
Even with the tackles was increased and the player is in the normal Tackling (X) depending on the situation only slightly or full Körber use pure, whatever is lovely underlaid with new animations.
Moreover, there is again where decide the Tribute of the individual players on victory or lay down with exciting duels to admire.
On the whole, was nachbessert in the right places and everything seems now even more fluid and harmonious.
Some players were even donated an extra animations and rejoicing, we see an example, C. Ronaldo immediately.
However, if a quantum leap in terms of graphics expected, which will probably have to wait 4 until publication of the Playstation.


It was a big change from PES to feel 2011. PES 2012, because suddenly everything harmonious, round, faster and more dynamic worked, sometimes even a little too dynamic.
The more astonished I was that it has managed to Konami the latest offshoot of that game more fluid and dynamic will be, however, to act without overexcited or hectic.
This is among other things, the improved defense and the runterschrauben game speed owe.
So the game is really well balanced and quick passes, Ball processing and assumptions (which have become even better and more beautiful) can nevertheless appear dynamic and bubbly.
Everything runs smoothly and round and it's great fun.
The game has a successful balance between attack and defense and the great defensive behavior, identify spaces and defend the non-controlled players make it harder to get through.
Nevertheless, it is possible to beat fast counterattack, catch up with technology at fullback or over and build a lively game.
No game or goal is the same, a panacea in vain, because every game is different.
And that feels really good!
So Konami has perfected the balance between open and defensive this year.
The player behavior of virtual friends and enemies is really very well done and also send a free player by pressing the R3 button works very well.
The tricks were better integrated into the game and when they work, this provides an advantage with the right timing and it's a feast for the eyes.
And the narrow lead of the ball by holding the R2 button is not only very effective and brings some peace into the game, but also looks very chic.
Open up new possibilities of a ball to the many assumptions and new opportunities, but require good timing.
For example it is possible by pressing the R3 button at a flat reception of the ball the ball to flick high and then passed down to him by means of the control key left or right at the opponent. While this requires some practice and the right timing, but is well explained in training and makes every successful a smile on your face.
The defense has also nachbessert and now the virtual friends act more effectively and the normal Tackling should be well timed, otherwise the leg can remain and the attacker stumble upon what is also often punished a foul.
As a step in the right direction, I feel that the tackles, assumptions, etc. depending on the situation can otherwise fail, For example, if the opposing player in the attack is as good as past the defenders own, with full effort trying still to tries to get the ball, so a kind of opponent instead of the normal Tackles (Although Tackling key is pressed)
This gives the game in attack as well in defense a little pepper and unpredictable.
Also this year I have the feeling that being able to control play even better than in the parts before and the entire game looks just a tad bit freer and more unpredictable than last year.
The ball physics and collision detection had always been a major strength of the PES series and disappointed again this year and not as it gives great flanks, powerful long-range shots and unpredictable clearance.
By holding the L1 button passports can be played without any help and pass into open space. Here you can see then an arrow showing where the ball can be played out.
This is quite nice but when you play against a buddy sees this also the arrow and can react accordingly.
Otherwise, the passes are, depending on the setting but still supported relatively freely playable.
From time to get passports but also times when not desired player.
I have to admit, the gameplay is more than successful and runs fantastic to work without liquid overexcited.
And the many small things that have been improved immensely contribute fun to play and I believe this is one of the best (or even the best?) PES part.

Atmosphere / Sound:

Honestly, I can understand people who when the camera pans just before the start of the game on the stadium, thinking what's that?
The loading screen looks still quite sterile and in times when a Fifa Dynamic scenes shows or allows in one on one to kick or you can play mini games, this is actually a no go.
I can me just explain so that Konami on Poops (excuse the choice of words) and says we do not need pompous around it and Bling Bling, we know what we can and what is important, because the truth is on the pitch and In addition, we copy any other football game.
Otherwise I can not explain why Konami its roots remain so loyal to me here otherwise.
But I can well imagine that in this way some players are put off, which is a shame because in the square the whole looks then different and that is what matters to yes.
In the game itself, there are again heckling, wildly gesticulating coaches, cameramen and some new little things that add value to the game but not as underlining how the competition.
When it comes to crowd chants, there is little new, although I have a feeling there are a few drums and more in an attack, counter etc. go from the fans a bit more, but there is of course still need to catch up.
However, there is again determined patches with chants etc. enhance the audio experience for PC and PS3ler.
The atmosphere in the game is very good though, so gesture not only the coaches but also the players and the heckling in conjunction with a fast, dynamic play and wild duel or a latte Kracher from the second row, let neatly advent mood.
The really nice Ball assumptions and the rapid processing of the ball not only look great, but get right mood.
There are also the beautiful new animations and the successful ball physics in conjunction with powerful shots, flanks and headers.
And the results are plain to see!
Commentators are also this time solid and nothing special but somehow belong to me now.


Of course, it is not enough and just German players and Fifa followers are likely to be disappointed.
While there is the German view, the German national team, FC Bayern and Schalke 04 but the Dortmunder have it quiet can also be still.
Otherwise, there are many foreign leagues and other national teams. Accurate lists are available on the Internet.
Now determined to some screaming and complaining about the few licensed teams, but Konami's hands are tied because Fifa, the exclusive rights has secured rights and Konami therefore looks into the tube.
But cheer up, about a week after release, there are definitely return various patches which so get Ps3ler and PC players all team jerseys, the 1st and the 2nd Bundesliga, great sounds and into play.
This is possible thanks to the ingenious Extensive editor and patch is there on the Internet, googling a try.
However determined the missing licenses are deterred some players.

Goalkeeper and Referee:

Last year there were a few problems with the decisions of the referee and the goalkeeper performance.
These were indeed refined way steadily to the final, but had to be better, more equal.
So there was still questionable refereeing decisions and the goalkeeper was off and beside him.
This has now been corrected in the 2013 version from the outset and so the referee whistles for good and there is rarely wrong decisions and almost no unnecessary stoppages that disrupt the flow of play.
But the goalkeeper now plays a notch higher and are in the gate all in one on ones you almost feel it's about life and death, so the keeper energetic, risking acts have often yellow.
so belong to these two shortcomings of the past.
And errors are like in real life rarely.


Also this year are the usual suspects to choose from:
Friendlies, going a legend, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa Libertadores, diverse, trophies and the brilliant Champions League (also online) are again possible, of course, self-tournaments can be created.
And online, there is also plenty to do, whether Friendship ranking games, tournaments or the Champions League, here is something for everyone.
The Manager Mode was seemingly removed ... I had never played but eh.
Old PES veterans may again look forward to an extensive training mode, which is recommended and demanded a lot.
The training is partially really very challenging and thus one or the other is likely to quenching.
But who will practice diligently right long have his pleasure.
Moreover, with the extensive editor players, teams, jerseys, stadiums, tournaments etc. Edited

Small tips for the game

Who PES 2013 does not yet know, or this year PES is a chance, I want to give a few small tips.
When the camera view on medium shot, affects the game more dynamic and this setting is reminiscent of the dynamic at Fifa.
The key assignment of the controller Configuration 2 (is similar to the Classic Fifa) or individual set.
Configure the tricks in the settings themselves, so everyone's favorite tricks can decide the game and know what direction with which key trick is performed.
Tricks in the game are usually by holding the L1 button and the control of the right analog sticks executed.
In the game, while the player's control from time to time by holding down the R2 button (depending on the key assignment) the ball tightly lead to some rest to get into the game and to get past the defense.
A dangerous shot from distance you get by pressing the shot button.
Half Middle shots this coming through holding the R2 button targeted goal (also in the one against one effective).
Shots come generally better goal when the ball beautifully presents itself and they do not come from the hustle and bustle at the end.
Be in attack or counterattack, shortly press the R3 button to send a free player that works very well, but it needs to perfect timing respected (otherwise offside).
The free-running players with a high killer pass by pressing the triangle button operation.
High Deadly passes by holding the L1 button and pressing the triangle button (depending on configuration) use to fit over the defenders.
The training is recommended, but is partly very difficult and demanding.
I had even played at the beginning without Wider dribble touches and with normal shots on goal, which made the beginning for some frustration.


+ No match and goal are the same, so every game is unique
+ Perfect balance between open and defensive, thereby acting the game does not overspeed
+ Great game behavior of the non-controlled players in the open and Defensive
+ Fast switching of KI from the open on the defensive
+ Improved shot system with new possibilities
+ More, better and new animations at Ball assumptions, passing, shooting, fouls etc ...
+ Great integrate the tricks and the new Ball assumptions
Discovered + extreme long-term motivation, because you grow with the game and constantly new
+ More effective defense system
+ Even better ball physics than before
+ Better control of the game
+ Free feel and individual fit possible
+ Completely free shot control (this is very complex)
+ Even in tough Playmaking the game affects not static but dynamic
+ Unpredictable situations and goals ever possible
+ Some players got their own animations and cheers
+ Referees whistle better and there is rarely unnecessary interruptions.
Give + improved goalies in the one against one all
+ Depending on the situation, different tackles, assumptions etc. possible
+ Huge editor, to create stadiums, players, jerseys, tournaments etc. (Free)
+ Beautiful graphics ...


However -... only small graphic enhancements
-Possibly. long acclimatization period, characterized, however long-term motivation
-The Stadium atmosphere and especially the chants, despite small improvements are still very upgradeable.
-Anspruchvolles Training, but which pays off
Licenses, While there are again a few more licenses, however, still too few (for PC and PS3's but then patches) with 1st, 2nd Bundesliga and many more.
-Partial Sterile presentation
-Not always the passes reach the desired scan Partner
-2vs2 Online and some other online features not (yet) available
-Liga Mode only in the Master League mode playable


Konami is this year a major success, although there is the well-known weaknesses in terms of presentation, chants and licenses (which has now been backed up by Fifa), the rest Konami but has done everything right.
So the referee and goalkeeping, which would be better last year was able to be improved and the dynamics (the Partial bit hectic worked) scaled back and optimizes the defensive.
So a successful balance has been created and the game looks more balanced and not overtightened. But still the game is tangy, with a minimum static for unpredictable and free.
A notable example is the Lightning-fast switch of non-controlled players from the open on the defensive, as some football clubs can learn a lot.
By challenging gameplay which myriad ways it can lead to a somewhat tough start, but it will grow with the game and be rewarded with a fantastic gaming experience, and with long-term motivation.
Through small gimmicks like the tight ball run, the improved integration of the tricks that direct ball processing accepting opportunities that improved income, and defense system and so opens up new possibilities and tactical finesse result enhance the football Feeling immensely.
The realistic player behavior, the liquid gameplay and ingenious ball physics do the rest for a successful football experience.
It feels just wonderful to have full control over the players to have and having to read each new game, waiting for the right moment and to have an opposing defender into space running around then to give a great presentation to the ball then volley in to sink the target.
No goal or game is the same, that game is unpredictable at all times, just as the football happens.
Who can not be put off by the sometimes unglamorous presentation and the lack of licenses, which will be rewarded with a really good game of football!
Shortly after release there will again be the coveted Bundesliga patches that are a etc. then the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, as well as all other major teams, jerseys, stadium chants available, then the issue of lack of licenses is no longer an issue.
The scope of the many different modes of play, tournaments, online options and the extensive editor has failed fair.
So I'm excited about the total package and recommend the game you!

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