PES as we know it?

PES as we know it?

PES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer (Video Game)

Customer Review

So the first impression I have something to get rid of the gameplay. Did they still shone with 2011 hours must practice diligently, practice, practice again. The new defense system in my opinion is a real challenge, even for veterans or I'm too stupid. ;) Frustrated then advance a little. But that's what the great training challenges.

Elfemeter have become more simple, perhaps too simple. If you have a reasonably good shooter is the thing almost always there. At least one can no longer so easy to get past or shoot over the goal the pill. Pass in the depth now requires absolutely precise timing is sometimes just as frustrating as annoying. I realize that with me sooooo much habit of predecessors in it depends, but I've started yet presented easier. However, the second player controls with the right stick is a brilliant thing when you leave this properly controlled to make the hottest moves.

So we come to the online mode. I feel animal on the bag that I must buy for any player in my team constantly ML contract renewals. People in the previous game, there was ne fee and that's it. I want to play and not have to constantly watch that my players can also play. That's real shit! Clear then comes to a little more managers feeling, but in the long run it annoying. Where one can also unlock the next topic, the Club Boss mode. That's what I can not expose anything. Is ne nice thing to the overall package, as it has then his team management and good. But the online mode you have ruined me.

Speaking of unlocking, the difficulty superstar is the ultimate challenge for experienced players. Zockt times against Barca & Co., as you will first bad. Nevertheless, thumbs up!

The Become a Legend mode is also back with it, even with very good changes, so I find the tasks you have to do besides still as a little highlight. Puschen Trophies Sammlen and own player down to the maximum goes without saying. ^^

Aside from the major and minor annoyances, the game is still very great football movie. After all the duels are thrilling, the gates a delight and the moves complete the football feeling. Even the small details, like the lawn nurse complained of the TV cameras behind the goals or the coach on the sidelines from time to time are, indeed justified frills but absolutely. =)

With PES you can not go wrong, it's football simulation on a very high level.

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