PES has arrived on NextGen ...

PES has arrived on NextGen ...

PES 2010 - Pro Evolution Soccer (Video Game)

Customer Review

While I like these exaggerations because of (the clear winner, etc.) not particularly, but I must agree with the previous speaker, PES 10 has finally arrived on the NextGenKonsolen.

The graphics are insane, the player faces, jerseys, the lawn, the audience just look for tongue clicking, as PES FIFA has clearly put in the bag, compliment.
The ball physics is as always brilliant, the ball seems heavier and thus more real than in FIFA, EA gets it somehow not baked properly, no idea why.
However, I can not agree, the PES is the clear winner, but also PES has too many weaknesses.
Of the licenses, I will not even talk now, but in terms of ease of control, is for me FIFA still the favorite.
It's just easier on the hand is inovative.
I do not understand why the PES tricks may not like EA put on the right analog stick, which would simplify the tax enormous.
So you always have a lot of make Tastenakrobatische finger contortions, that's one of the things that have always bothered me in PES (I know the PES Cracks know the control meanwhile by heart, but why must it be so complicated?) And the EA simply better hinbekommt. This is so NHL2K, NBA2K etc. are realistic example of her scope, strategy, game physics, etc. than similar products from EA (NHL, NBA, etc.) but they all have the problem that they hell of a lot in the other sports games from EA familiarization need eingermassen the game to dominate, EA wins in almost every game, easy to pick up the controller for beginners and casual players.
Not everyone is thoroughbred gamblers and playing several hours a day, there are plenty of players like me who do not have much time and only occasionally to play.

What bothers me is the 360 ​​degree control, which you will notice that is nothing, the movements are as square as in the predecessor. It has the 360 ​​degree control probably announced in response to FIFA big but unlike FIFA, where the 360 ​​degree control gives the game a completely new feel, is nothing to notice at PES of 360 degrees, maybe you could not as fast integrate and comes just in time for the launch.

Addendum: I have just learned that there is the 360 ​​degree control for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 users out in the cold.
As I know from the FIFA demo, what makes this control and how much it improves the feel, I think that's very detrimental. Should I now extracting a PS3 buy the full PES 10 pleasure to come? The course subsequently suppressed the rating of the game.

Nevertheless, I liked a lot the demo, the graphics and the ball physics is top notch.

When it comes to ball physics and graphics PES this year forward (drawback: 360 degree control there only for PS3 user).
In FIFA me but the simpler control (tricks with the right analog stick) and the new and noticeable 360 ​​degree control like turn better.

In other words, both games have also this year alone taken its raison d'être, but in itself, is not the perfect football simulation.
I would want a game with the graphics and ball physics of PES, and the simple, inovative control (plus real 360 degrees) and the licenses of FIFA, that would be the perfect game. But since I have little hope that Konami and EA to come together to finally create the perfect football simulation, we may have to continue to wait, whether a remedy finally gets baked by both companies his weaknesses.
My opinion, and now you can see me tarring and feathering. :-)

I'll probably buy this year both games (FIFA and PES)!

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