Poetry, the humor, freshness, depth

Poetry, the humor, freshness, depth

The man who lies (Paperback)

Customer Review

What a beautiful writing, what style, what class! Marc Lavoine surprises me more and more. After reading this book eaten in 24 hours I better understand the artist, his sensitivity, his discretion, his wounds, his tenderness.

To be honest i hesitate to buy this book are generally disappointed by artists s├ępenchant their lives. Today I recommend to everyone, even to those (I would almost say especially those) who nappr├ęcient lartiste not because it is not him but that he speaks of a family, dune time dune France; this is a true story. No sensationalism, pathos, vulgarity, as in for example Depardieu. In poetry, humor, freshness, depth.

I hope that this book is not only a therapy, a testimony to his children, and that he will renew the experience because it is gifted the bugger!

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