Practical and inexpensive

Practical and inexpensive

Panasonic KX-TU327EXBE seniors phone (2.5mm jack, microUSB) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I'm a newspaper article about "Test senior mobiles" became aware of this model and have decided on the winner, and try the review from the perspective of our 85 year old grandfather who the cell phone on the go (shopping, doctor, walk, neighborhood visit) and has night on this bed.
Practically, the no-nonsense keypad (pressure-resistant rubber keys), and the display and especially the function of the "flip" cell phones: open + close means stand and hang up. If it then rings twice unexpectedly, he is busy with rauskramen and would be overwhelmed (or the conversation then gone) if he has yet would press buttons, so also "flap" = call (clearly) finished. So that a thick edge over mobile phones with keyboard lock.
For the 3 Aims keys I have fixed on mobile phone back a small piece of paper with Tesa, with assignment I, II, III to relatives or Doc / Nursing.
Something tricky it was to the rest of phonebook entries and training, as he may select the. So I have the otherwise alphabetical name names additionally provided with numbers 01_, 02_ ... 11_ so that it (up and down rocker switch) easier the block can find family doctors and other during the search. Because the display only limited displays 15 characters in a slow but legible tickertape, had the names are truncated (eg "02_Fritz_Haus" and "03_Fritz_Handy") that Grandpa can also understands and specifically select. Also to be sure call for a slightly larger piece of paper just for the coffee table and for Phone Case.
All service numbers deleted (except Balance inquiry on X_), lottery and stock market it does not need and only irritate.

When the emergency call function, we have then actively practiced with his siblings and discussed the order as well as the guaranteed availability. Entries stored plus SMS text and few times in different versions (especially with handsfree) practiced until it sure worked, with the subsequent callbacks. Dear practice 3x more than hope in a real stressful situation that the emergency button was pressed firmly and nothing happens or responding.
It is important that the emergency unnecessarily runs onto a mailbox - because valuable time is lost in an emergency.
Just as it is described in the well-structured and understandable operating instructions, we have dispensed with an entry of 112. The fourth emergency number (Nursing) was allowed to be entered in consultation - with false alarm when things "accidentally" get going, even wars which then go.
On the Editing SMS and SMS responses we have dispensed with Grandpa because real call has priority.
Some useful phone settings that can however vary depending on the application, usage behavior of mobile user, as well as ergonomic aspects: night mode (DND night, for example, 21-06 Clock), choice of announcement (read your entered digits before), key tones.
More options for hearing aids etc. not tried, because not needed here.

Now just set the convenient charging station next to the TV (with continuous current for charging!), Because he has the phone during the day at a glance (loud ringer and flashing LED flashlight radiators). And for the Road Phone Case concerned with collar.
Since we are at least 1-2 times a week on a regular basis at Opa, control / we delete old SMS (advertising ...) and call list and make sure that the prepaid card still has a rich deposits in reserve.
Opa, skeptical, seems the new Panasonic phone to be fun - we must balance recharge faster than expected.
Handy is also well suited for children, where you have to give to important reasons a mobile phone - but not equal a smartphone or other frills (camera, MP3 player) needs.

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