Practice Test How much capacity is actually there?  1

Practice Test How much capacity is actually there? 1

RAVPower® Luster 6000mAh External Battery for Smartphones and Tablets, black (Electronics)

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01.28.2015 Two images added (measured values ​​and the actual capacity of the output current)
16/01/2015 "How much capacity is actually in there?" (At the bottom)

This spare battery is ideal for travel and outdoor activities such as long walks or Geocachingtouren, but of course also in the normal everyday life.

Who wants to the way time charge, will be able to use this spare battery well

The spare battery is supplied in a customer-friendly cardboard packaging. The packaging is easy to open and unaided. It comes with the spare battery, a USB charging cable and a user manual.

The modern design is immediately positive effect on: The shiny black material in conjunction with the silver frame looks very high and noble. The smooth surface feels pleasant, everything is rounded, there are no sharp edges or corners. The case is processed very robust and stable. The USB port is accurately; USB connector can be plugged easily and pull out again.

The battery is already preloaded, so I can try it out immediately and charge my iPhone.

Weight and size:
With 182 g of this battery is quite light and handy. The external dimensions of approximately 10cm x 4cm x 2cm are perfectly fine. It is also found in the trouser or jacket pocket enough space.

Operation and Instructions:
The operation is very simple and self-explanatory; without manual I was able to connect and charge my iPhone. Still, I've read through the German-speaking part of the operating instructions; This has a very comprehensive and clear. All necessary information is available in the form of small drawings.

On top of the case there are 4 blue LEDs on the side 1 button.
The 4 LEDs indicate the charge level in the form of a scale with 25% each. The switch is needed to check the current battery level.

The included USB cable is about 60cm long; so that the battery can be recharged when needed. Charging is indicated by a number of blue LEDs on the top of the housing; when the battery is completely full charged, all 4 LEDs.

Note 1:
To charge the battery, a USB charger is required. This should min. Can deliver 1.5A output current, only the battery is fully charged within 4-6 hours.. For chargers with less output current can take sometimes more than 10 hours time to complete a full charge.

Note 2:
The charging of the auxiliary battery is also dependent on the used USB charging cable. With a meter, I could notice that the charging current when the supplied USB charging cable is just under 1.5A. In another USB charging cable, the charging current is only 1.2A. This depends on the processing and the line cross-section within the cable. A low-quality USB cable provides less charging current than a high-quality USB cable. For this reason, the included USB charging cable here should always be used.

According to the manufacturer of the spare battery has a capacity of 6000mAh.
After I had my iPhone 5s fully charged, facilitated ended 3 blue LEDs, this corresponds to a residual capacity of 51% - 75%.

Especially practical:
The spare battery has an integrated flashlight function. A small LED can be activated at any time by double clicking on the button. The lamp is bright enough to find your way in a dark room or illuminate a path.

This spare battery is small and handy. The capacity is sufficient for diverse devices to charge several times. This allows the standby time, the move also without power, be significantly extended.

I am totally satisfied with this spare battery.

Strong buy recommendation

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The most important criterion when buying a Power Bank is the specified capacity. More capacity means more energy and hence a longer endurance. But what is actually behind the different capacity to the manufacturer? In order to shed some light into the darkness, I occupied myself more intensively with the issue and would like to pass my findings.

This RAVPower Power Bank has according to manufacturer a capacity of 6000mAh. This statement sounds good at first, but does not really help further since the battery rated voltage is not specified. The nominal battery voltage must not be confused with the 5V output voltage at the USB port. The battery rated voltage is 5V no means, but in most cases the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable has a nominal voltage of 3.7V.

First, the maximum available in the battery energy in the form of watt-hours (Wh) has to be calculated:
Battery Voltage * Capacity = Energy in Wh
3.7V * 6000mAh = 22.2 Wh
This value represents, for comparison, on the back of the Power Bank.

"22.2 Wh indicates the power that can be abgebeben maximum within an hour."

The Power Bank provides an output voltage of 5V is available, therefore must be an internal voltage regulator, the battery rated voltage of 3.7V to 5V converter. Now it will be exciting, because the specified capacity of 6000mAh is available only at 3.7V. The actual available capacity must be recalculated at an output voltage of 5 V:

Energy in Wh / output voltage = Calculated capacity
22.2 Wh / 5V = 4440mAh

Theoretically has this power bank so on exactly 4440mAh. Unfortunately, this is only a pure theoretical value, because by the internal voltage converter (3.7V to 5V) occur additional losses. This can be up to 30%.

Using a suitable measuring instrument I have performed on this PowerBank a capacity test and was unable to determine a capacity of exactly 4060mAh. The voltage during the test was fairly constant at 5,04V (see photo).

What is the loss in voltage conversion (3.7V to 5V)?
calculated capacity - measured capacitance loss =
4440mAh - 4060mAh 380mAh = = 8.6% loss

8.6% loss is relatively small and thus a very good result. This value varies with different manufacturers. In a comparable Power Bank from another manufacturer, the loss value was just under 26%.

This Power Bank has at the output thus an actual capacity of 4060mAh

The USB output is intended to provide the manufacturer 5V / 2.1A; These things I have checked with a special measuring device:
The output current of 2.1 amperes is reached, the voltage remains steady at approximately 5 volts. (See photo)

After several tests, I found that this procedure is so common with most manufacturers. It is almost always indicated the nominal capacity of the built-in battery. The actual capacity which is available at the 5V output is not specified.

The stated capacity of the producers of Power benches are absolutely correct, but almost always refer to the internal built-in battery with a rated voltage of 3.7V. By the voltage conversion to 5V, the available capacity is much lower.

"Nominal capacity is the actual capacity"

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