Price / performance ratio good, but you must know what you want to use it

Price / performance ratio good, but you must know what you want to use it

EDIFIER Extreme Connect, Portable Speaker with Bluetooth, microSD card slot and USB Streaming (equipment)

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I have gained this product due to the still very positive reviews, so I want you now to tell my experience.

1. Packaging and Processing
The device comes in a classy but somehow acting rectangular plastic box, of which the lower part white and the upper part is transparent. In the center you can already see then the black block.
The device looks very valuable from processed by the stoßricheren rubber parts on top and bottom. The middle part is like having boxes grid and you can hear the hold in your hand no knee Chen or creaking of a plastic housing. The keys on the rubberized surface to be operated well and pleasant to touch. All connections are hidden behind another rubber protection, so you could almost believe that this device is waterproof. Processing so 5 stars

2. Connection
In addition to the usual jack is a small SD card slot available as well as a Bluetooth interface. Of particular note is the connection via the Bluetooth interface, the easy carried out at this device. Here no pressing any button connection is necessary because you just looking to the phone for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity and you will find the Edifier. Once a device is connected, no other device looks more the box, to log on. Toll possibly would have been NFC or WiFi, so critical 4 of 5 stars (considering the price range could also be 5, but you have the stars do not give yes)

3. Sound
Well here it is exciting.
On the one hand I have the Bose SoundLink Mini and secondly the UE Boombox sample belongs at twice M, so I had two great devices for comparison. On either one must say that they play sound and volume of technically pure aural feeling already in a higher league. The Bose-candidate was at my audition, compared with the Edifier, with significantly stronger and clearer bass even at high volume range points. When UE boom me especially clear highs have fallen even at maximum volume Strengthened operation, the bass was also tired, but tended to oversteer, so that the UE Boombox Bose device a little bit inferior to here, but as I said, everything subjective perceptions without measurements.
Now for the Edifier. In the normal volume range of Edifier provides a clean and klirr / Knarr / scratch-free sound, but the highs are not felt quite as clear as in the other two models. The sound seems a little dull in comparison, as if the treble control is not turning up the car radio (I have to say that I'm more likely to clear highs, as on matt Einheitsgewäsch, alla main thing the license plate rattles). The bass is sufficiently at normal volume, but not enough to the competition.
The somewhat dull pitch problem I have counteracted by changing some settings on the transmitter (mobile phone / laptop / tablet) in the equalizer, which improves the sound quality heard. However, if you plug in a memory card, you have no chance here at any Tonqualitätssteigerung tickle something out.
All in all, can you summarize that the sound quality in the normal volume range with a couple of settings in the equalizer is good, but not super good. Assuming, however, in the volume Maximun area with bass-heavy tunes as you discover the limits of the device. Here you can hear very clearly the oversteer / pause or whatever you call it even. So it comes out clean, no more low tone, so listening at full volume to torment.
It should be noted that this is very clear in Techno / Goa etc. the case. With rock songs for example. Where the deep tones unlikely to go down to the very low Hz range, you can sometimes also turn up neatly without sound quality loss. The maximum volume per se is impressive for such a small device.
Compared with the other two devices I tend to 3 out of 5 stars. Considering the price difference to the competition, you can get for 50 probably hardly anything better and could also give 4.5-5 star. The decisive factor in a box but is ultimately always the sound, the money saved consoles at most!

There is no Bose and no draw boom, comes this sound technically also ran not.
However, one must say that this device only 50 and not like the other two candidates to the 200 cost here, so the comparison might be a little was also unfair.
Now everyone has to decide for themselves which listeners he is and how much is it worth it, now and then listening to times outside of their own 4 walls Music. Will you at full volume sound for its environment with techno / trance / Goa frequently times, you should probably save a little longer and take up competitors.
If you want as I cozy evening sizzle a beer with friends on the terrace and by the way let some music blare that does not sound as if they come from a former peas can, this device is equipped with a top price / performance ratio is the right choice and if the unit times a few weeks / months is not used, it does not hurt so that then not 200 but only 50 can get dusty in the closet.

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