probably one of the last games for the PS2

probably one of the last games for the PS2

FIFA 12 (video game)

Customer Review

Hard to believe but true: FIFA 12 appeared all doomsayers on the PS2.

I've been playing "Fifa Soccer 96" more or less regularly the Fifa series to the PC or different consoles and every year the question arises: Just a little update with the data of the current season or new innovations and increasing the feel?

As for me not the graphic is in a good game in the foreground, but atmosphere and feel / fun I want to pick on no account on the poorer graphics or technical innovations, the simple platform-specific reasons for the PS2 (no longer) be implemented. Clear like better on the PC or the console Nextgen graphics and online modes to come, but this is not decisive for me. A game is a good game for me, when it is also played for months after purchase and that will be the case here. In addition, the desire had me once again grabbed my elderly PS2, for FIFA 12 in my view is a successful "last" Major Game.

In direct comparison to its predecessor had said modes are nearly the same, as are the graphics. So if FIFA 11 calls his own, should consider buying a closer, if not as much emphasis on the timeliness and the small innovations. Who still does not have a FIFA for the PS2 or the last FIFA is a little older for this console, can look forward to FIFA 12.
What has improved significantly, the menu guidance and the stadium atmosphere, two new commentators were more than necessary and the gameplay more agile action is a positive development. Especially the 11 described in Fifa, sometimes perceived as unfair performance leaps of CPU opponents have almost disappeared. All in all FIFA 12 feels just a little bit better, more realistic, faster and closer to the real stadium than its predecessor, even though you would expect on the PS2 is no quantum leap.

+ Better menu navigation, faster loading times (!)
+ Stadium atmosphere, especially background noise better than its predecessor
+ More realistic player animations, with a constant video
+ One of the last games for the PS2, brings again the most out of the old console.
+ Gameplay more immersive than its predecessor

- Fewer options and game modes than for PC and NextGen console
- Hardware Due worse graphics than on PC or NextGen console, no graphics increase compared to Fifa 11
- No way self-created players and teams from FIFA to 11 Import-how to truly been the coronation
- No online mode

Considering this is the game come out as an offshoot of a 11 year old console and you can still have fun on the PS2, you can absolutely recommend FIFA 12. Gamers should be on HD graphics and online competitions but choose another version.

All in all a great game for PS2 conditions!

Tastes differ Rank: 2/5
April 19
Good customer service 1 1 Rank: 4/5
April 12
comliquer Rank: 2/5
January 29
Good workmanship, faded very quickly Rank: 2/5
September 10

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