Probably the best sports game for the PS2

Probably the best sports game for the PS2

ESPN NFL 2K5 (video game)

Customer Review

ESPN NFL 2k5 is in my opinion the best sports game for the PS2, although it is now a bit dusty.

When I grew this game to me years ago (was more of a bargain), I was on the video game market complete football novice. Thus it was for me at the beginning of extremely difficult and sometimes frustrating. But if you in a training mode pushes first, some exercise layers (all relevant actions are explained there and trying to it, until you intercept eg the pass successfully or defenders can stand up to the end zone, as appropriate), then you can in the easiest difficulty easily made. If the first entry into the game, as well as the other difficulty levels are doable, but it takes at least getting quite long with me until I'm confident enough to deliver a high level of difficulty. The never easy Difficulty enables long-term motivation that has no equal.

The game itself gives the impression that you are currently a real NFL match look. Cause before presentations by Chris Berman and after the game, and at half-time. Moreover Suzie Kolber represents violation reports and interviews on the sidelines and also the commentators duo is very competent. This excellent performance is enhanced by the graphic, which was very good (if not optimal) use of the resources of the PS2.

Also interesting are the game modes. So you have to in a historical mode encounters enact (eg one enters in the third quarter and will have to catch up twenty points yet, and and and). I would like to "The Crib" highlight. Here you can equip his own apartment complete with fan merchandise of his favorite team. If this is too team-related, they can also create quite classic. The items for the apartment you acquire in catalogs that you gradually through the achievement of milestones (eg 6 TD passes with Peyton Manning, 217 Receiving Yards with Anquan Boldin, 25 sack in Franchise mode, and the like) unlocks. The articles contained therein is acquired by Crib credits obtained for each game as well as for special promotions.
In addition, you bekomt invitations to the teams of VIPs as Carmen Electra, Funkmaster Flex and more to compete

The presentation of the game is completely awesome. It feels very realistic, because the gameplay is very well done.

A small drawback: The game is completely in English, if this is not powerful suppose you get here and there difficulties.

I play almost exclusively sport games, have thus many games that I can use for comparison. But this is head and shoulders above any other that I have played, because it is almost perfect.

I can every game recommend highly, even "non-football fans." This Namely necessarily. I enjoyed it helped also to completely understand the rules ...

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