Probably the most emotional and most coherent separation album of all time

Probably the most emotional and most coherent separation album of all time

21 (Audio CD)

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Adele 21 (2011)

It's incredible what Adele everything reaps at prices for their second album. The poor, tormented ex-boyfriend of the young British woman with the extraordinary voice has contacted that separation forever a lyrical musical monument, which is literally showered with numerous awards. And rightly so! 21 Soul of the best kind.

Of course, one wishes Adele luck for the future, even her love life on, but when doing ensteht such poignant love and heartbreak poetry, the cynical listener longs her earliest possible separation. Enough of the bad words! Calms you will with little piano influenced songs such as One and only, in the poignant lyric you simply have to love yourself. Still contributes Adele with her fascinating voice of each song in the seventh heaven. Time she croaks, times they screwed up with unusual technology and emphasis in borderline areas vocal and acting always authentic, especially in such sensitive melodies that are wonderfully accompanied by an organic band. I think it's great that the music business finally brings down the striking 60-guitar sounds, real drums and Hammond organs from the attic. Then may be gecovert with acoustic guitars and strings painting The Cure's Love Song also gently. Extremely consistent.

Let's start from the beginning. Rolling in the Deep is the disconnect song par excellence. Behind Adele's voice leading and expressiveness can you feel the anger and the frustration formally through the speakers; appealing instrumented with a pompous, yet transparent sound from a few, handy instruments and catchy chord progressions including captivating backing vocals. Against such an exceptional song it have all the other songs, of course, difficult, but Adele Rumour has it backed by brisk and upbeat after fire. Klatschbar, danceable and bluesy vocals, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Adele burns in every melodic memory. The advantage of handmade music precisely.

The ballads make almost always a good figure. Turning Tables promises not with his slow, piano-accompanied tension build too much so because the verses are topped by an even more wonderful pompous chorus. Not only the strings again used, but also, of course, again Adele's terrific unique voice (a feature that you can not mention often enough) give here the necessary emotions. This is in guitaristic, transparent Do not you remember? the chorus not so scenically thought that he could captivate a long time. Never mind, even the breaks and calmed phases make Adele ago still a lot, the acclaimed jazz passages and casual rhythms of a somewhat weaker He will not go is here thanked. A bit faster and friendlier implemented in I'll Be Waiting and one may again elated wiggle their feet.

Given the highly sophisticated drama of a Set Fire to the Rain like the Purist miss something verschrobeneren arrangements and artistic gems of Adele's debut. If you want to have it at 21, however, somewhat minimalist, one must have recourse to the piano ballads, but ask listeners also across the board happy, if not by a composition at the highest level, then at least always disarming honesty and Adele's vocal and melodic talent (Take it all.) And as a bouncer and quasi-counterpart to the opener, there are still the beautifully poignant and beautifully sad ballad Someone like you. No, those melodies of superlatives you have to look long, but if you have found them first, would you never let go.

Conclusion: Adele, the second. Grandiose voice, grandiose melodies, grandiose love poetry. In short, great album.
Rating: *****

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