Protects the screen, avoiding some falls, nothing more ...

Protects the screen, avoiding some falls, nothing more ...

Samsung EFC-1J9FS Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Grey (Accessory)

Customer Review

Galaxy Note 2 gives a more classy look and protects the screen against scratches. However, does not protect the back because this protection comes just replace the rear of origin.

Do not vary the thickness of the smartphone. The flap does barely 1mm thick.

The first days of use, the flap may not adhere completely to the screen. This is because of the "hinge" too rigid. This phenomenon fades with time.

The flap is extremely rigid, finely grooved on the front panel. The inside is very soft, but felt it should be cleaned from time to time as it can get dirty quickly depending on where you put your Note 2.

Once open, the protection can be completely folded to the back of the phone, not annoying little use.

During calls, you can fold the protection on the screen because the listener is audible (a port is provided). This will prevent the screen from becoming fat after telephone conversations that drag ...

Finally, when shooting with the camera of your Note 2, firmly holding the protection, you avoid the accidental fall of it. Anyway, you can not take pictures with the protection folded at the back as it clogs while the camera.

Last, you can put your smartphone, flap side down, which will avoid scratching the back of your smartphone and the lens of the camera.

Item received on time, consistent with the description. Amazon thank you.

Although a bit expensive, I recommend it.

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