Quality and feel top - quality flop | to Amend Sony, then definitely next-gen

Quality and feel top - quality flop | to Amend Sony, then definitely next-gen

PlayStation 4 - DualShock 4 wireless controller, black (Accessories)

Customer Review

Update 6/12/2014:
The exchange has now been carried out. My first road led through Sony. Advised replacement time: about 3 weeks.
This gives a DHL parcel stamp and sends a controller. Of course you need a replacement, but which you have to take responsibility for its time.
My controller was part of a bundle. Since the console also has a defect, I complained the entire article at Amazon and receive a replacement console.
The new composition of the Stickgummierung appears to have been somewhat improved. So one has explained it to me even with Sony on the hotline.
Shoulder buttons and rubber have been revised several times. But that is not reflected in a new revision number on the controller again.
So be it. I will report what results when re long-term test. Certain wear there will always be, probably can not be avoided in this type of rubber.
I recommend the route via Amazon. They're very accommodating and take the "stress" with the Sony support and perhaps send you a replacement unit the same.
Should you argue with the fact that it does not accept the long replacement time and in time is entirely possible without a controller.

I initially upgrade to 4 stars (previously 3). Any questions? Let me know. Have fun while gambling.

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In order to enjoy the benefits of a PS4 course you need a controller.
It is best if you have the same 2, because of the controller the next-gen console battery no longer holds as long as the, the predecessor console PS3. It is not dramatically less, but you can tell it.

To the battery life there is a trick. On Youtube there that show how the battery of a PS3 controller in the PS4 installs to be talented without great instructions. You need a screwdriver and a little time.
Whether the warranty is invalidated by this I can not say, but assume. You have to act cautiously, so that you can see no traces of opening.

Lately, the light bar of the PS4 controller can be dimmed, which probably brings again some savings.
But now to the controller itself.

Unpacked and abgetastetWOW.
He is a lot better in the hand than its predecessor. One feels at once that here some ideas and development time are purely flowed. He has not become wider, but longer and a little bit higher.
At the points where you placed the middle finger behind the controller, there is a small indentation, very well thought out.
Taking a controller of the PS3 for comparison in the hand, you realize just this fact, even if one pays attention. I find very good!

The Start and Select buttons are no longer in the center, but placed at the top, they also have new names.
We must now take the share and option buttons to be content. To me it's all right.
The Options button I am mixing very happy times with the top right corner of the touchpad, but this is a matter of practice.

In the middle of the controller is a thumb about 3 wide touchpad.
So far, it is used in not too many games.
When writing messages you can save a lot of time here but without an extra keyboard to connect.

Under the touchpad there is a speaker.
In Killzone example comes this applies insofar as one can already frighten times.

The sticks are no longer rounded up, but have a small hollow or cavity, calls it as you like.
The Kuhle probably comes to XBOX players among you to good, but the execution does not match exactly the type of XBOX controller.
At first, it is used to, but in time you learn to appreciate it.

And since we are already talking about the biggest gripe, the STICKS
What Sony has thinking?
The composition of the plastic is not Next-Gen, but amateur level.
Already after a few weeks of heavy wear and tear.
It place with small cracks on (which were not caused by nails or the like), now the grip layer is completely off on a stick. Man slips slightly back and forth on the stick, not noticeably Doll, but perceptible.
The problem Sony has recognized and exchanged the controller probably made.
You will certainly work to ensure that these errors are parked.

We come to the "third" criticism by the sticks and the weaker battery.
Shoulder buttons
For me it is mainly the L1 buttons at both controllers.
The rear shoulder buttons are actually fine.
So it happens that the L1 button sometimes stuck a bit, even if only a bit.
Not particularly dramatic one might think, but in fast games like FIFA or scooters to aim at the can already make out what.

Otherwise, I am completely satisfied and can ignore the criticisms as far.
The L1 problems have become less, the battery is bridged by a second controller and the sticks I take so far so out. I think I'll complain about the controller anyway. This makes sense, an improvement in any new models would be necessary. So far, I could not read anything about it, so I will have to try.

In addition to the problems there are still a novelty that I very much welcome.
Down at the controller there is a jack for headset or headphones.
Because one connects the supplied headset or a headset to selling.
You can control the headset (if there is no remote control on the cable are) then the PS button and "Setting up unit" there under.

The Share button, I use rarely. With 2 quick clicks consecutively to start a video without having to go to the menu.

One nice feature:
PS4 controller to the PS3
You can use the PS4 controller on the PS3. All this runs on the PS3 Bluetooth menu.
Thus, the PS4 controller is considered Controller # 1, it requires a reboot.
Unfortunately, not all keys in all games. In GTA5 the new controller is for example not supported.

From my perspective, you go with this controller 3 steps forward, but still 2 back.
Stop touching up, vulnerabilities and then adjusts the overall package.
Then it's the title "next-gen" worthy.
Currently only 3 star, otherwise like to. 5

Just do not pay these astronomical prices here should be out of print directly from Amazon, the controller times.
In retail, the parts are now around in large numbers.

Do you have questions about the controller? Provides here and I'll take care of your concerns.

The right size Rank: 5/5
January 31
Excellent desktop charger Rank: 5/5
September 10
Polar very successful rural !!! Rank: 5/5
January 8
Very good value 3 2 Rank: 5/5
May 25

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