Really super device

Really super device

SodaStream Soda Crystal (with 1 x CO2 cylinders 60L and 2 x 0.6L glass carafes) Titanium / Silver (household goods)

Customer Review

As was well written so far basically too the functioning and the great characteristics of the SodaStream I would just like to the reasons why we perform the stream and then bought the few negative refute comments:

Reasons to Purchase:
- Shopping of beverages is no longer necessary
- Large number of syrup on offer (are these really super)
- Environmentally friendly because production from bottles etc. Needless
- Always the desired drink at home and mobile take away
- Inexpensive CO2 cartridge
- Unit has a sophisticated and Glaskarrafen are robust
- The tap water is rich in minerals and of higher quality than some spring water suppliers from various discounters in particular in Saxony and Saxony.

I would now like to comment on some negative comments:

`Device is broken quickly and cheaply produziert`

I can confirm that in any way. Both the bottle and the bubbler make a robust impression. The bubbler is where the pressure is produced from plastic and the cavity is reinforced with stainless steel. We our now for a year about 6x use everyday and it runs like the first day.

'Most of the water is pressed with pressure from the bottle into the chamber' and 'kitchen is once again under water'

That's what happens when you do not actually read the manual ... One the carafes may only fill up to the mark with water otherwise the water running through the bubbling over. Somehow or logical? Furthermore, one should take the syrup after the bubbling in the water because the sugar also leads to bubble over. We have all heard of shaken cola or beer. But that one learns everything in the manual. The people give negative reviews here have not sufficiently informed. Please ignore. It simply incomprehensible how you can make such a faulty operation and then also here delivers such comments.

'Co2 bottle deposit'

Um yes. You get once a CO2 cartridge, which you once it is empty (Holds us about 2 months with daily. 6 repeated use) simply for a price of 7.99 with a new exchange. Where is the problem? If you can choose not to the device to the overall package return back 14 days after receipt and get back the purchase price. If you buy a second cartridge (Whatever.) Gives the pawn back where you send directly to this Sodastream. Also not really problematic. However, unnecessary since it is completely supplied with a cartridge and this, after all, receives no lien on the purchase of the device.

'Soda is not to compare with mineral water from the supermarket'

I can not confirm also. Basically it can be said that the tap water in Germany High is very good. In Saxony and Saxony, the tap water is even very Mineralstoffhaltig and consequently after carbonation completely comparable to the mineral water from the supermarket. After twice on the gushing tap water has in some medium of four-time optimal Sprudeliges for my taste water. My wife expresses only three times.

We can recommend the Sodastream fully and would wish that more people on these transfers. In Germany there is definitely going to make because of the good quality tap water. The environment is happy and your wallet in the long term also considered. In our family it use all the children and adults it's fun to mix the drinks themselves.

I hope I could eliminate the negative comments.

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