Relentless analysis of a disaster and its media blackout

Relentless analysis of a disaster and its media blackout

The Clockwork Orange France (Paperback)

Customer Review

It appears paradoxically reassured by reading "France Clockwork Orange": we might not suffer dhallucinations, WIG craft not a problem of perception, nor become "fascist": the insecurity in France took an unprecedented turn in recent decades: this is lensauvagement dune nation in question now, probably that this phenomenon is more widespread regression dune part, we should also mention the transmission of crisis, the sinking of lEcole that are not the subject of this book even if the issue of school violence is promptly addressed.
The author puts his foot in it by 2, 3 .. dun disaster and decades of lies that accompanied with all the right reasons in the world, not "stigmatize" the people, "not make the game fn ".
This censorship has taken different forms: propaganda (we didnt finish eating "living together luck of diversity"), info dimming, highlighting dinfos rather than others (yes, for as in the sketch on the Nameless the "good" and "bad," hunters, there are good and bad news items).
When this is not an outright denial of reality when I write these lines jentends on France-Culture that the most serious problem facing France is populism (populism: how many deaths) and temptation back to the "Order-Moral"
Red carpet rolled out for specialists' socio-ideologues "(because if Laurent Obertone uses sociologists work some of which are diametrically opposed to his approach, he does not drown the fish), spokespeople dassociations ..:
How many programs linsécurité before we had to suffer with the specialist from perennial explain that "this is all that the media", "in the 60 cétait like it yavait black jackets" and the representative of the association which sil concede shyly yes, there is violence, must add in stride that officials are unemployment and racism, as "young" or less young people who commit these crimes, assault, destructions..sont themselves primarily victims .
In short disempowerment of guilty and blame the victims (or mostly French in general).
French justice completely with collects remained in a bisounours ideology (supporting examples), lefty (the famous "Union of Magistrates" ..) that made the game punishes criminals and victims a second time.
It yaurait also much to say about the misbehavior lAntiracisme become goodwill, subject, if he is also addressed, also deserves a separate book.
There, I wonder how the intellectual system, that offline media the reality we will react to this book, when I write these lines Laurent Obertone sest do not yet called a "nostalgic of the darkest hours of our history "his book is ignored by the media" mainstream ", I think the success coming will be entitled to a show on a TV set (random" great newspaper "Canal +) where it will be surrounded by the usual give lessons (éditocrate artist: a rapper or artist "engaged" a spokesman dune association, H / F policy of the left, a socio-ideologue) and that all these people will tack gently pilloried kind bombing daccusations / innuendo / valves for committing a trashy book and "stigmatisateur" of "living together".
"France Clockwork Orange 'til has flaws?
Yes, without doubt, one might criticize the anthropological / philosophical parts too synthetic, we can not hold on to the writing (style & dry humor) Laurent Obertone (personal jaime lot). The author also writes with his heart and his guts while paradoxically for years an army of intellectuals masquerade of ideology for a scientific analysis of reality.
It nempêche Laurent Obertone always land on his feet, he navance anything for free, even sil shows us a painful reality, agonizing, tragic things that can not logically quempirer, you want to say "thank you" after closing the book and also to wish him "good luck" saw what may fall on his head.

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