Review Philips RQ1250 / 21

Review Philips RQ1250 / 21

Philips RQ1250 / 21 SensoTouch Shaver Series 9000 Electric Wet and Dry Shaver (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Hello everybody,

I currently have the opportunity to RQ1250 / 21 to test as part of a test run of the firm TRND free to evaluate function and performance.

The device is packaged in an attractive cover and a desire already preparing to unpack the unit. Inside the box, all parts are well-protected.

after unpacking the contents is as follows:

Shaver, protective cover, charger, power supply, and cleaning supplies. (Brush, cleaning station, cleaning fluid)
Also included are detailed Garantierläuterungen and an instruction manual, and a coupon for a free sample of the company Nivea shaving gel.

To guarantee the following message: If the device is registered to purchase online from the manufacturer, the warranty extended by another year.

Visually considered the Philips RQ1250 / 21 is quite an eye-catcher in the bathroom. Through his black coat and matching color accessories it gives off a super Escheinungsbild.

The shave with the Philips RQ1250 / 21 designed generally very simple and satisfactory. My tests with a 1 day and even a multi-day beard brought quite great results in dry shaving method. But you have yet to achieve anything more pressing to an absolutely clean shave: You should also stick to the method described in the instructions and shave in a circular motion.

Slight defects has in my opinion the integrated longhair trimmer, let there also be achieved with this no clean contours when one has a beard. But for the cut of sideburns he is easily available.

Also use as a shaving gel or foam with razor is easily doable. This is just for people who react in dry shaves with rash or irritation a really good alternative may be the result of impressive.

The cleaning of the device is very simple and easily feasible. Because you can take out the shaving heads individually or open itself designed the rinse or clean with a brush relatively easy. However, I consider the instructions for the cleaning station for the poor. On the Internet, however, more information or reports are available as and how often they should be used. After what I've read, it makes sense to use this every 2 weeks so that would be the cleaning fluid for the period sufficient for which it is given.

A tip from me to clean. When you open the minds and then add one drop of liquid soap in each of these heads, and then snaps shut and it briefly turns on until the soap foam from the shaving heads, so you can also get easily to travel or prolonged absence heads wonderfully clean without which one forced is the cleaning station with itself to lead but is a bit bulky.

Charging the device is relatively simple and easy to accomplish. It provides the equipment in the intended charging cradle and recognizes the display when the operation is complete.

Disadvantages and damage to your equipment:

From my perspective, the device has at which the product developers have slept some two minor flaws or simply over the top shot are.

That would be the first place:

To load the device, it is imperative to use a charging station, because the contacts on the side of the unit are. The use of a charging clip would significantly simplify charging the device and also make it easier to use this shaver on longer trips.


The defective battery indicator is the second criticism has to face up to the manufacturers, in my view. For a mid-range device it should be possible to display the battery life in digits on the display. Unfortunately, this only shows several bars so you have to ausrechenden basis of the estimate of about 50 minutes total run time if there is still enough for the next shave.

Overall conclusion: apart from the price, it is broadly to a device which is highly recommended. Compared to known foil shavers can be with the Philips RQ1250 / 21 thanks to three shaving heads are mounted flexibly achieve outstanding quality in dry and wet shaving with the can can be seen at any time.

Useful addition to my Apple TV Rank: 5/5
December 17
simply brilliant 56 Rank: 5/5
October 12
Do not retain odors Rank: 1/5
October 30
ARTICLE 16 SUPER 27 Rank: 5/5
February 9
Very disappointing 132 Rank: 2/5
January 9

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