Rip off?  Maybe! .. But cool!

Rip off? Maybe! .. But cool!

One More Love - limited digipack (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I agree with the previous speaker! If every 2 weeks (exaggerated) a new version of "One Love" appears, which is stupid and prop. Also rip off. [..]
But who does not have "One Love" edition, which should finally strike, because this CD is just great (!!!). Exactly 28 songs in this edition and 90% of it is just great and the best it has to offer this kind of music! I do not know what these David Guetta makes, but I like having everything he drives the hand and foot.
I think that music is the best thing that has appeared the last few years in this direction. Of course, the taste still remains but that is after all a personal review.

CONCLUSION: Who owns the album in its earlier version can consider buying 2 times, because, while it gets new-really-good and old-new-remixed-good songs with this edition, but have to stop again 15 put on the table , However, I find it even still attached because: Eben Geil!

From me (although die-hard fan of David Guetta) there definitely 6 * But through this, we call it just rip off, -1 * ---> What remains still 5 * :)

Have Fun!

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