Search & Destroy 2

Search & Destroy 2

Search & Destroy 2 (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Chakuza brings with Search & Destroy 2 a good mixtape, which unfortunately a star deduction suffers because of the partially poor texts.
These weaknesses can be seen in songs like "Nanana". Although there are relatively funny places here, but one nevertheless recognizes that these are just a rhymed together porridge (it pains me to say this, because Chakuza the textual sense of the top people heard). But there are also lyrically good songs such as "Monster RMX". This song is also to say that I had initially a bit rockier version of the predecessor of expected "monster in me." But this, in a quiet and relaxing already acting version has become top in the textual performance, the beat and the song of the grouping "Timid Tiger". The rest of the tapes convinced by the good beats, good vocal performance by Marc Sloan and good feature guests like a surprisingly good D-Bo eg Chakuza is disappointing in some places ...

Conclusion: All in all, "Search & Destroy 2" a good mixtape. It has nothing to do with the old albums, it's refreshingly different. The beats, all of which were produced by Beatle Field (except the "Intro" and "Nanana"), convincing. The feature guests are all represented with very good parts, especially D-Bo is surprisingly good. Chak would not neglect in some places the textual performance, this album would loose 5 star value. This album also makes really fun to listen to, so it's a buy rating, but this, weak in some places textual performance, forcing me to give a star to deduction.

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