"Search the Atlantis in thee thy sunken feeling ..." - Emotional, courageous and convincing!

"Search the Atlantis in thee thy sunken feeling ..." - Emotional, courageous and convincing!

Head To Head (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

With the new album SILLY I have many hopes and high expectations connected. Especially because I mean the old and new SILLY songs so much. Even today, I am very grateful to a good friend who made me aware of 1987 "Bataillon d'Amour". My first encounter with the band whose music does not release me until today. I love this music for Heart & Mind, for ears and eyes for abdominal & feet. If I dive into the big SILLY treasure chest, can be found for virtually every occasion the matching titles. And the new album I hoped for new jewels that fit to the ancient treasures and they enrich current facets ...

This is well managed for my feeling! Although I must admit that I was skeptical in the meantime. The teaser for "Your Strengths" did not initially touched me. At the first listening tests the title sounded more arbitrary in my ears, as I heard from other bands. And yet I had inside of me chuckle, because the same "starting problems" I had three years ago with "I'm not saying" as a single release of "All Red".

For three weeks, "head to head" now running again and again. And I keep discovering new details. That alone tells me that there is a SILLY-typical album. Nothing for "Quick-by-way-listening", but music to which one must engage. Only then opens up the true wealth ... It has become an absolutely tied together - a total heard makes each track mind. And now I can also become friends with "Your Strengths". A single jigsaw piece looks just quite different from the part of the whole.

For me, "head to head" a wonderful album! Very emotional and an experience for all the senses! Anyone who dares to open the door to his heart so far, also risk being injured or panned. These include courage and conviction. The courage to address the issues that are of a self. The conviction to go your own way. Although the path is not always easy or straightforward. Also because in this way every now and then lose old companions, but can also attract new ones.

The album has become so incredibly emotionally that it is sometimes almost feels to me like a punch in the gut. So I had the third hearing by car to stop because my "blood brothers" met at once with full force and I suddenly the tears ran down my face. Similarly, it happened to me also "Spring" and "Without you". Many a song seems like a gentle embrace, many full of life, others like a cry or a loud protest. The lyrics are all very poetic, therefore - depending on with ease, wit, irony, depth and thoughtfulness. With more or less coded messages whose decryption anyone who dares, customized gifts revealed. Quite different way and that's what makes the charm.

The use of Anna's voice was very impressed. It sets the title to with so much sensitivity, warmth and confidence that the effect is enhanced. Sometimes her voice is so delicate and fragile that one thinks that they were to be depressed by the force of the emotions and the next moment could break. In other places it sounds full of strength and energy. For this, the fabulous musical realization! Unbelievable how much subtlety, strength and love of details in these arrangements. From melancholy timbres up to powerful lust for life, ironic ambiguity and archaic force and more. I've never noticed as very alone the choice of instruments can produce different effects. Great tightly woven and sonorous melody carpets, let the whole symphony orchestra formed in my head. If one or the other title I've already imagined how it might sound live. This album is crying out for a live implementation with a large orchestra. Ever arises again the typical need one, according to listen to this music. SILLY songs you have to listen out loud, then the great sound effect only really comprehensive.

Again and again running the CD and so slowly my favorites emerge. The can change depending on the mood of the day, current experiences whim. But "blood brothers", "Fatherland", "Stowaway", "Spring", "Without you", "The world will be bright" and "Your Atlantis" part of it in any case. And since today there are still some more to come. The impressions and associations may be different depending on the situation. Again and again buzz me text fragments and scraps of melody through his head.

There would be so much more to say ... that the new album is very different from what I thought it or had hoped. Also, that I wish for the future times more insolent, filthy rock again. Nevertheless, "head to head" a magical album is that draws me into its spell and is able to conjure up wonderful images in my head! An album that moves through the variety of topics, the poetry and the wonderful implementation and emotionally affected - unless you're getting into it. "Search the Atlantis in thee thy sunken feeling. Weck it on, it find out, contract up ..." It's worth it!

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