Securely protected while jogging

Securely protected while jogging

Hebron sleeve pocket for iPhone / iPod (Electronics)

Customer Review

== Hebron sleeve pocket for iPhone / iPod ==
Who travels a lot needs every now and then a bag, so you do not carry so much in hand and secure from theft should be. As we give up our smartphones extra careful, it's been useful this very closely to wear on the body if you go in the city and especially when markets are where there are crowds. But also for the sport what you need, because here mostly music is heard and the. On an iPod or iPhone Here there is a practical solution that cost only 9.90 euros on Amazon.

== == Manufacturer
Dohnanyistr. 28
04103 Leipzig
Tel: 0049 341 - 218 259 - 00
Fax: 0049 341 - 219 618 - 40

Email: [email protected]

== == Appearance
Delivered a good öffnente blister pack where the bracelet was beautiful inserted and deposited one has it with advertising which shows some information on the product. Even the band itself is presented to a woman who has just the jogging. The band itself consists of a black / gray material which is soft, provided of course the iPhone pocket, a pocket for a key and the back, there is the introduction to slots. A Velcro is used to close and of course a transparent front window.

== == Suitable for
Thought is the band for an iPod, the iPhone 3G and 4, then here can still be a key store, which I find quite handy.

== == Manufacturer
Drive like sport and you need a way to attach your iPhone or iPod without danger or take? Then simply use the sleeve pocket of Hebron specifically for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. You may attach easily with Velcro on your upper arm and stow your iPhone or iPod in it.

== == Material
The material is soft, not too tight or too heavy, it can be well set and adjust to your arm. What material is it, I can not say, but very skin-friendly. Handles everything here is very good, at least I can not see seams made unclean. The introduction slots neatly processed and the viewing window and integrated fitted nicely. The tape for fixing is slightly wider and longer, so that this can also be strong men Around effortlessly.

== Customizing ==
Since this material is quite soft, this can be to customize the forearm or upper arm also good, it is here well to the skin even if it initially feels a bit weird. Thanks to the Velcro, which is a little longer, everyone can adjust its size Optimal and then close the Velcro, which adheres well and does not come off.

== == Feeling
The feeling is a bit strange at first, but quickly lies down and you look at well accustomed to so that is not felt it over time. This can be put on the Blosen arm or on the apparel sleeve, which holds good also absolutely. The material dissolves his naked body from any allergic reactions, it does not sweat here with the band, as it well lets air and can breathe the skin. Odor from sweat takes it hardly, so it must not be cleaned. If cleaning, please clean it with a damp cloth, so that the moisture can not imbibe.

== == Maintenance
The Velcro is I have to say quite strong, but it comes off manually open and close well but if it is wrapped around the arm, it will not solve alone. What I think is good and the grip does not decrease with time, so that you can go jogging with it soothes. Also great it is when you are among many people here and no one ran to the smartphone comes on the arm.

== == Accommodation
On the iPhone, there are pocket behind a small slit where the iPhone can be pushed, as this is a bit tighter but going into it, this can absolutely not see. The smart phone or iPod are housed here well, there is a small hole down to the in ear plugs to be used where the cable fits well and nothing stuck. The viewing window is sitting here well on the display, so that you can use the smartphone well here and one there does not have to bring extra out of your pocket. Calls also it is easy to order, the conversation is good to lead and also clear and understandable, also the equipment is safe here and will absolutely not be damaged. It does not bother me in the arm, the feeling goes with the time lost so that one completely forgets this band.

== Details ==

Color: gray / black
Compatible with iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 and iPod Touch
Scope of supply: sleeve pocket

== == Robust
All of the material here is absolutely clean and properly processed, it dissolves anything on time. Everything here is absolutely robust, the material here whets not diminish over time as absolutely no frictions. The viewing window is here introduced class, so that it is. Due to the slight bulge through the iPhone, does not push out or triggers The slots for the insertion of the device and key, Franzen here not with time, and holes in the bags are no by inserting the objects. Also can be in the iPhone compartment Banknote good at hiding, so that you have to take no evil separately here.

== Conclusion ==
Whether jogging in, run or stroll in the city, the band is absolutely amazing and is also rapidly on the upper / lower arm mount. Whether on a shirt sleeve or even without that holds Velcro guaranteed here and the band and the detainee will not be lost. You can feel absolutely no longer the arm when it already carries a few minutes and hence the no obstacle is absolutely when one operates sports. The mobile phone, iPod or keys are guaranteed safe and secure here, no one can steal it when you're on the go!

Class combination Rank: 5/5
June 18
Resistant, big but uncomfortable Rank: 4/5
January 12
perfect 1 8740 Rank: 5/5
April 13
Disappointing Screen Protector Rank: 3/5
September 20

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