Sensitive to light and to experiment

Sensitive to light and to experiment

Olympus XZ-2 Stylus Digital Camera (12 MP BSI CMOS sensor, True Pic VI processor, Full HD, viewfinder connection) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Priced attacks the XZ-2 already in the area, in which there are already quite a good system cameras. If you hold it in your hands, it comes quite close to the haptics of a system camera. The sturdy metal housing, the compact dimensions, the hot shoe and the weight can already connect externally to a higher model. But even with the intrinsic values ​​advertises Olympus with the XZ-2. Thus, the model is equipped with a tiltable, high-resolution display with touch sensor, on which one can anfokossieren the desired object directly at your fingertips. Furthermore, the camera is equipped with a very light-sensitive sensor, which should still provide good photos even in low light.
This course also advertise representatives of low price range. Whether I have the true so roughly tested using the manual mode.

Image Quality:
The lens starts with a wide angle of 28mm and therefore takes even in smaller rooms and enough space objects on screen, take place without doing severe distortion of the proportions of the picture pages. Exteriors are scanned with a natural hue and sharpness without visible noise. The contrast is very closely spaced and also the details at the edges do not blur. Shots in less exposed areas (here was only one light source, namely a small table lamp, the "sleeping dog and cat sleeping" were removed about three feet of the subjects that used) succeed very well indeed. Here, however, it is important to experiment with shutter speeds and the ISO sensitivity. Of the recent, cheaper models I was used to increase the exposure time and leave the ISO value as low as possible, so less noise comes on to the image. That's when the XZ-2 fortunately not necessary, because here a very low-noise recording to ISO400 is possible. And even beyond the shine shots with quite low noise performance, which strikes only meticulously closer inspection. However, criticism is due to the sharpness that is visibly lower in low-light shots. The image stabilizer makes, considering the price range, a more satisfactory performance. Since I had in the past, less expensive models Alike with better image stabilization.

See flash photography with the internal flash from satisfactory. The illumination is much brighter in the center of the image. This problem can be an external flash unit. Thanks to the hot shoe, also better quality equipment can be installed here. The flash intensity can be adjusted by the way.

The video feature is also a strength. Except in VGA or 720p, the Movies (MOV format) can also record in Full HD and in stereo. Again, does the Olympus a clean work. There is no stuttering, little noise in artificial light and a quite useful and pleasant stereo sound. The white balance is reliable and not prone to disorientation or for pumping.

As mentioned previously, a manual is tap to focus on the screen possible. However, this does not succeed quite as smoothly as one would wish for in a situation where swift action is required. Sometimes the camera does not recognize the object that you want anfokussieren. This is of course depending on how much light the environment. During the day, this is achieved in rooms rather satisfactory, as it then but works much better outdoors.
The majority of all settings can be adjusted via the usual directional pad and wheel however (and fortunately) as with other cameras. Since the camera has a huge amount of settings options, but this is not always very transparent. You often wanders around in the menus until then the "Aha!" comes. For beginners, this camera is not recommended in any case. For those who do not want to stay, you will make a lot of new experiences.

The camera deserves because of its compact and massive processing, such as its good image quality and its very extensive configuration options four star. Cause for criticism offers only from my point of view to high price, which is at system level or already on-camera entry-level SLR.

+ Good photo quality
+ Good Video Quality
+ Processing
+ Tilting touch screen with high resolution
+ Low noise
+ Many settings
+ Image storage either in RAW, JPG or both

- Effect / style programs bucking Picture Camera Operator
- Videos are stored only in MOV
- No optical or electronic viewfinder

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June 23
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February 4
Cheap but noisy Rank: 3/5
December 16
Beautiful and good quality 1 Rank: 5/5
March 27

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