Show That Touches On Magic, Afterlife, Nature of Good Vs.  Evil etc

Show That Touches On Magic, Afterlife, Nature of Good Vs. Evil etc

Witches of East End Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)

Customer Review

Fortunately, I had heard of the Previously Witches of East End back in autumn 2013 When the Lifetime Channel Promoting this show online. As a result, It was an easy decision for me to purchase the Season One DVD set of the Witches of East End once I had seen it for sale at my place of employment. The Season One DVD set thus has some cool extras to accompany the three DVD set titled Under deleted scenes, falling under Their spell, gag reel, and cat blooper. One of the unique facets of this show is That It greatly touches on the afterlife and past lives. For instance, there is a scene where one of the characters unexpectedly loose a man she loves to a sudden death. She Decides to use her magical powers to summon him back to life and succeeds. HOWEVER, there are Unintended Consequences to NOT COMPLETELY letting him go at his death (Which is another element did the show touches on: Certain aftereffects of Achieving Certain AIMS). Past lives are touched on When the show Depicts scenes did explain a rich background on why the mother in the family is super protective over her daughters. This Witches of East End Season One DVD set is perfect for Those Who are open to watching tv series with occult / supernatural / witchcraft / magic themes

Lack of a hole Rank: 1/5
January 3
but well ... 764 Rank: 3/5
November 3
A timeless masterpiece Rank: 5/5
May 9
Looks good, but be careful Rank: 5/5
July 28
Beautifully light, loud whistle Rank: 5/5
February 23
Unfortunately not heat hard Rank: 2/5
April 11

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