Simply good and consistent - just original accessories!

Simply good and consistent - just original accessories!

Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash (Guide Number 43) (accessory)

Customer Review

The Canon Speedlite 430EX II is my fourth (4th!) Flash for my EOS digital cameras. In addition to the Nissin Di622, Nissin Di866 Professional and Sigma 530 DG Super I have now bought a Canon device. Decisive affordability was under the cash back action: So it cost me the flash unit "only" 200th A price which made me start the trial, I do not regret.

My EOS 500D blends well with the flash. Although a little acclimatization period is necessary. The illumination is better than with my other flash units, the fully automatic delivers useful results. However, I began to notice that nearly always the ISO 1600 setting the automatic function is used, which I did not like so much, then I can take pictures without flash ..., so "only" four stars.

With the aperture priority mode you have actually a tripod use, since also be used at full aperture (1.8) "for" long exposure times (min. 1/10 sec), which is also described in the manual. In Programmed Auto (P), there is this problem no longer, because the exposure is adjusted to the point of me is ISO number, a tripod is not required.

The camera (not the flash) set to M and shutter speed and aperture yourself, I have achieved good results, even if the camera indicating that the image min. two stages is underexposed. The flash - and here there is a clear advantage over my other flash units - displays after triggering if a correct exposure / lighting was done (it will light a green light).

In order to take good pictures, you do not need a lot of experience, because you can be based on the settings of the automatic mode.

For bounce flash, the exposure is well determined, the illumination is considerably better than the Sigma and Nissin DI 866, the simple Nissin DI 622 makes it surprisingly also similarly well.

Major advantages over other manufacturers (mentioned by me and Nissin Sigma):

Fast (re-) charging and Recycling
Better communication between the camera and flash unit.
All settings of the flash on the camera menu possible
More homogeneous illumination and exposure

What you have to take into account:
With similar prices lower number - which is compensated by the lack / more limited communication between the camera and flash from other manufacturers partially.

I've photographed only in the apartment and can take over the effective range no statements.

I am convinced of the image results so that my other flashes will now probably be used almost exclusively in common flash operations master + slaves.

Therefore I a strong buy recommendation. Do not be put off by the slightly lower guide number. Typically, this flash is rich.

I have not tried slave function. Get over it but still tell if I have gained experience. Here I am looking forward to working with 4 flashes.

Slave function works fine. Have the Nissin drive 866 Proffesional as main flash, which can be easily and Canon flash with. Thanks ETTL also usually adjusts the illumination that can be set manually on the camera (flash output and underexposure). I am really pleased UDN wonder if I have a second Canon Speedlite 430 EX II will grow me.

What I also like: The lock with the slider instead of turning wheel. To speed and keeps the same.

*** --- Addendum on 30.12.2013 - ***
I have now decided and got myself a 2. Canon Speedlight. As part of the cash back action of Canon there are the flash (Speedlite 430EX II) for at 180th Since I can not resist. In order for this flash is simply the price-performance winner! Have now a Canon EOS 60D. This allows the flash drive as a slave without any problems and exposed well. Whether flashed from his hand, or put the flash on a tripod, I am very satisfied.
*** --- End the addendum of 30.12.2013 --- ***

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